Sharing your fellowship. I'm not always gonna be around. These are the prayers we speak when we stand before God and acknowledge the sins we have committed, and the mistakes we have made, and the gossip we have passed on, and the slander we have spoken. Christ's words to the church at Sardis. It's thriving on the ecstasy of new life. "And all that believed were together." Let not our happiness be predicated on our facility. 1, it was an awesome church. Here at Grace to You Europe we take our data protection responsibilities very seriously and, as you would expect, have undertaken a significant programme of work to ensure that we are ready for this important legislative change. Verse 44, "all things common." is a leading resource that provides tools and ideas for pastors and church leaders to help them lead well. It could be a theatre. In addition to preaching and singing we must be a praying church. The dedication sermon was given by Pastor Jim Braden, the pastor who really got our church plant going. 7. Without God I would be drifting Imagine at night when it's all lit up and they're all driving by. A reporter said to me, "What's your goal in the ministry?" Three thousand people were baptized. It so exciting to see God build His church, His way. And he does so in a simple way in the first chapter when he says, "You are the church that is in God and in the Lord Jesus Christ." It's whether you're committed to loving and sharing your life with others. They were going from home to home sharing communion. That's the exciting thing. A redeemed church empowered by the Holy Spirit committed to teaching the word of God and learning it. That's the blueprint. And that's what happened here. God is transforming families. But the glory is all His. Consider a paraphrase of the famous line from President Kennedy, who, in his 1961 inaugural address said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.” In the context of 2 Chronicles 7:14 we might say, “Ask not what you want God to do for you, but ask God what we can do for God and for the kingdom of God.” That is what should be going on when we gather in this place from week to week; seeking God’s face so we can know and o God’s will. And so I only desire to do that which glorifies God each day of my life one day at a time and let God build His church His way. It says in 42, "And they continued steadfastly.". There are churches all through the history of the world. Pastor: To the glory of God, in the presence of this congregation, I now direct that ground be broken. Spiritual intermarriage. Verse 44. He said, "I mean what's your goal for the church?" Upon leaving Ashland he was voted by his faculty colleagues to be Professor Emeritus. We could impact the grip of racism, sexism, poverty, oppression, the abuse of power, the physical and sexual abuse of women and children, and so much more if we could just convince God’s people to turn from their wicked ways. What agreement has Christ with satan? We need to reaffirm the very basic reality of the church. Only God can heal our land. Notice in Verse 43. GDPR is the new European privacy regulation, which will replace the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK and the equivalent legislation across the EU Member States. It's corporate. They had no explanation. We believed Him for it. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved." "And awe came upon every soul and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles and all that believed were together and had all things common and sold their possessions and goods and parted them to all men as every man had need and they continuing daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house did eat their food with gladness and singleness of heart praising God." That we would be the church that God built His way and the gates of hell would never prevail against it. A big stage theatre and they saw the ticket booth out there and they wanted to know where you go to buy season tickets to the theatre and why somebody would build a theatre so close to a church. Everything else the history is added on and all the other stuff we do is just addendum. God can forgive us for all of our sins whether directed against God or against one another. Lots of activity. Is there anybody here today who does not need to prayer the prayers of confession and contrition? As soon as he violated the divine pattern, God was gone. During a construction program a church needs some “serpents” in their corner. People working with plans. How is he building the church, and how can we get involved? It means to turn around and start walking in the opposite direction. And still today the model for the church right here. In his prayer, Solomon seeks to establish an understanding with God wherein God would hear and answer any prayer that originated within the walls of that temple. There were several things that made up the life of the church. I believe God will bring hatred to an end when we turn from our wicked ways. I give it to you. Celebrating your oneness. It's important I think for us to realize what it is that God is doing when he builds a church. That's what God wants. We are the new Jerusalem. It shocked the world. Miak has promised last week, we are going to be sharing today about our major project for the church in 2012 – our Church Centre Building … Lovable. More and more I'm committed to the fact that our music and our worship together should just be praise to God. There were already 120 in the church because there were 120 in the upper room when the Holy Spirit came. Twenty, 30, 50, 100. | 4,021 views. Verse 38. Fellowship. Please respond to confirm your registration. Blueprints. There was no precedent. There's a few dissenters. Father, dismiss us now to come back together again tonight with excitement waiting for what you have yet to teach us about what you're willing to do for us as well as asking us to be what you've planned for us to be. And they could all get together and carry on the work of God. And there are plenty of churches that are empty today because they wavered off of the blueprint you see. It's not communism. Only hours after its birth. What is his plan? Thirdly, the proper content of the church is that it was a teaching church. In its infancy. The whole thing was inexplicable. It was God's church. And people, this is the blueprint. Somebody else might want to join me in standing before God and saying, “I’m sorry, Lord.” Part of what God wants us to do when we gather in this place is pray to Him with this whole range of prayers. The material in the old building is to be used in the new one. There ought to be somebody here today who is so aware of how good God has been to you that if you never received another blessing you could spend the rest of eternity thanking God for the blessings you have already received! Verse 46. That's my prayer people. But what it will be will be predicated on the commitment that we must make relative to the truths we're gonna hear about this morning. And He's the inspector who makes that judgment. To begin with, take your Bible and look with me at the 16th chapter of Matthew. This has always been a commitment of Grace Church. We need to know that God is not going to answer every prayer we utter just because we speak those words within the walls of this sanctuary. "Breaking bread from house to house." They were giving it and they were receiving it. And the Lord said I can't approve that church. Of course, that man not only won one of the prizes, but he promptly thanked me for my prayer (which I had not prayed) and asked me to pray again so he could receive a second prize. In this season of COVID-19 (coronavirus), Preaching Today wants to offer you a word of encouragement and point you towards resources that will help you prepare life-giving sermons that illuminate God's comfort and presence. go. Three thousand continued. We cannot simply do whatever we want to do. These people had fellowship. In Jesus' name. It could be all that believed are sort of together. Register. The building committee, in consecutive meetings passed the following resolutions: 1. Rebuking one another. When I think back eight years ago we had 500 people. God had given him a blueprint. And we're so grateful to Him. Now that's the proper content. They were saved people. There is a church right here in the valley, the founder of which has written a book called, Christ Versus Doctrineand in the book he makes the statement, "Doctrine is junk." He's building lives. They had fellowship. And that's the doctrine of Balaam. We need to humble ourselves every day in the presence of God. And that would be my prayer for Grace. So the church was awesome and the church was powerful. "They continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship and in breaking of bread." We invite you to come to Christ. No matter who that is and no matter how big the larger group is, you can give your life to the people that God brings across your path. It's been a wonderful morning, hasn't it? (Note: This sermon was preached at the dedication service for a … Nevertheless, I believe that politics alone cannot fix what is wrong with our world. The church must be a redeemed community. That church was built Jesus' way. If the church is to be what God wants, if the church is to be built Jesus' way, if the church is to claim the guarantee of Matthew 16:18 that satan can't stop it, it will be because it is a saved, redeemed church that is empowered by the Holy Spirit where self-will and personal motivation and sin and so forth is set aside in order that the Spirit of God may rule and reign and dominate. And I would add one more because it's so valid. Stop there. Hasn't He? There are four things that God will require of us as a precondition for hearing and answering our prayers. What is it that God is doing in building His church? Jesus had said ask anything in My name and I'll give it that the Father may be glorified. But this was the church that Jesus built His way. It had to be built according to the plan. Some things that I think we must look at. In that day God displayed his power in the apostolic way in the apostolic time with apostolic miracles. Matthew 21:12 –17 My house shall be a house of prayer. My prayer for Grace Church is that it will grow daily. Next, God says to Solomon: My people who are called by my name need to seek My face. Finally, says God to Solomon: My people need to turn from their wicked ways. And it was a teaching church. In Verse 46, "continuing daily with one accord in the temple." He said, "I think the problem in my church is that half the board is saved and half are not." Solomon urges God to enter into an agreement with Israel that when the people pray to God, whether to relieve a famine, or to give them victory in combat against an approaching enemy, or to grant them forgiveness from their sins against God and against one another, that God would grant their request. No longer can it be said of that church the gates of hell shall not overpower it. That's how many the first day of the first church. Just kind of out of my heart. And so this church was a church full of joy, a church full of praise and then a final consequence an attractive church. We've seen God answer haven't we? Until Jesus comes. On February 15 we had $752,000.00. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard those words invoked as people talk about the importance of prayer, or about God’s ability to answer prayer, or even about what God requires in terms of spiritual integrity from those who turn to God in prayer. With the new church property under contract, a building committee was formed to design Harvest Time's new home. Christ says, “On this rock, I will build my church.” God is building his church today. As long as I'm here and I'm sure as long as the elders that are here are here, Grace Church is gonna meet at the Lord's table. 8. You say well what was the character of this church? And so the initial fact of that church was that it was a redeemed church. Well, we don't know. Charming. They were afraid that the Israelites were gonna come in and wipe them out. Praying for one another. And the statement that follows and the gates of hell will not literally overpower it. Although our property was spacious, the Town zoning regulations limited us to just 28,500 square feet of finished space. And all three times failed. Unity. He said, "Don't you have a great desire to build a great church?" It's continuous action in the past. Now, listen to this. The new building is to be located on the site of the old one. And the plan and the plan alone was approved." Dead men hoist the sails. Four years after purchasing property with a vision for a new church, Evening Light Tabernacle is now officially moved into that new location. Now listen. Unto the minister of the church in Sardis write these things sayeth He that hath the seven spirits of God and the seven stars and that is a reference to Christ as you will note in Chapter 1 if you check it.

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