Now, a timed muzzle brake that blends into the contour of the barrel creates a very clean look that can even appear to be integral to the barrel, which is pretty slick. Several techniques for reducing gun muzzle blast noise level were in-vestigated experimentally to determine potential effectiveness and utility for existing major-caliber guns. But you can also see that the order isn’t perfect, so there are some brakes that provide more recoil reduction compared to the increased loudness you have to endure … and there are some that go the other way (they’re unusually loud and don’t reduce recoil much). Hope that clarifies a few things. Venting gas to the top prevents potential visibility issues when shooting low to the ground since the shot won’t kick up any dust. Thanks James. SilencerCo’s marketing says that feature is for reduced recoil, and doesn’t mention anything about staying on target. I’m with you. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. That’s one of the drawbacks of publishing something like this, while it’s interesting it can also make people less content with what they have. Well, it’s not an easy decision, but for my use I think the Ultra 7 is the winner. He recently came out with a new brake he named “The Answer” that does have top ports that are tune-able (i.e. There are no bottom vents because this muzzle brake is designed to reduce the dust signature, especially when shooting prone. Sorry for the confusion, Tony. He always thought I was crazy for running a brake! I was just thinking about the omega suppressor with the brake (to help stay on target) in front of the suppressor. That is far more interesting to me, and seems more applicable for judging how loud a muzzle brake is. Both have their advantages, so I thought we’d start by looking at what these guys run: The various colors on the chart represent the league and rank of the shooters. Steve Adelmann (one of my favorite gun writers) explains the issues involved in quantifying the sound signature of a firearm: “When you compare decibel measurements from different sources, do so with no more confidence than you’d have of a politician keeping their word. This is a true combination muzzle brake / compensator / flashhider. are they running large caliber guns? To help you understand the decibel scale, here are some common sounds along with some visualizations of their relative magnitude (graphic courtesy of Hey, Tyler. tightness of groups), if any. He said you’d definitely have to quit shooting because of that before the recoil. They’re certainly popular in military camps and semi-auto world, so it’s a little strange to only see one guy running them among these top rifle shooters. Here’s my analogy: If you got hit by a vehicle at 70 mph, it is going to hurt … regardless of whether it was a compact Kia or a big truck. Any thoughts on doing 5 vs 7 vs 9 in recoil? Cal: Ha! There are two muzzle brakes who claim to be quiet. My ears would hurt after a few shots. You should try it out. But there was a long list of quality manufacturers also mentioned on the survey, including Silencer Tech who represented 9% of the shooters, Leviathan Suppressors who represented 6% of the shooters, among others. If anyone else has insight, please enlighten us! I bet if he can release a version intended for these calibers and threads that had the effectiveness of the Little B* + top ports, it would take over. It is a “linear compensator” with really only one purpose: Push all the noise, concussion, … This data must be interpreted with knowledge of how environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and location effect the results. I added up all of the ratings for loudness and recoil reduction and found it a bit humorous that the Four Star was near the top even though it basically punted on the loudness aspect. SHOT Show 2018: Really Right Stuff’s New Products, Online Precision Rifle Training from Top Shooter, Jake Vibbert, Extreme Long Range Tips 2: Spotting Shots & Ranging, Wyoming ELR Scopes & Mounts – What The Pros Use, Extreme Long Range Tips 1: Optics & Mounts, How To Measure The Distance To The Lands On Your Rifle Barrel, process of acquiring a silencer tax stamp, APA Gen 2 Little B* Self-Timing Muzzle Brake, recoil test system with high-speed sensors. I believe that the term "Quiet Brake (muzzle)" is an oxymoron. There were very few running a straight contour, but it does look a little retarded on those if they are 1.25” at the muzzle. In our shooting group (FL) some of us think that you can walk on water (I believe you can) :). If they’d just make it somewhat directional, it’d help … but then you’d need to time it with that barrel (or do something more complex in the mount). Honestly, I think it will be very common among muzzle brakes 5 years from now. Last year we tested four of the major 338 suppressors to make an informed, data-driven decision on a suppressor to submit to SOCOM for the ASR program, and TB easily won out on every technical measure. I loved JP’s response. George, you’re right. Most “quieter” brakes aren’t good at reducing recoil, and most of the brakes that are great at reducing recoil are very loud. Yep. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life.” – Vasudev. It’d be interesting if there was a similar study done for muzzle blast and noise levels, and how those related to sustained accuracy. Beware the snake-oil salesmen on this point, the suppressor world is full of them, and the game they’re dealing has lethal implications for professionals.” – Steve Aldelmann, Shooting Illustrated. The results were surprising! I did test a TBAC Flash Hider, which is similar. You’ll likely be disappointed at the end of your hunt. Also, some guys might run a suppressor if they’re using a rifle of a particular caliber or one with a shorter barrel. So a difference of 3 dB can be thought of as twice as intense in terms of acoustic energy, and a difference of 10 dB is ten times as intense. Reduces noise/concussion dramatically over muzzle brake, decreasing odds of hearing damage and may not require hearing protection (see field test data) Reduces muzzle blast and ground signature, which can kick up dust and debris (see field test data) Slight increase in muzzle velocity (15-30 fps in my experience with these cartridges) So the Tubb brake may be similar to the Blast Tamer behind the rifle as well. So a difference of 40 is 4 sets of 10, which is 4 doublings … 2×2×2×2 = 16. ” Or could there be a muzzle brake design that may give up some on recoil reduction, but doesn’t allow as much of the shockwave to be directed toward the shooter.” © Copyright 2021, All Rights Reserved. Maybe there are enough buyers for a slightly modified APA-type muzzle brake with a blast deflection device in form of tube around it. This 2 piece design provides a great recoil reduction as well as A sound director. Mike, I appreciate your passion … but honestly, I’m not interested in digging up all the old data for that test. However, there were only 2 shooters who exclusively run suppressors among the top 50 in the NRL. So I’m afraid you’ll have to convince someone else to test that brake. If I’m shooting more of a run-and-gun match with lots of barricades, I may go with a muzzle brake to maximize recoil reduction and the ability to stay on target to see my impacts. I’m not saying all these guys are that utilitarian and unconcerned of looks (and most aren’t as good as Tyler either). It’s easy to port too much gas up, and that could actually make it worse … so I’ll leave it up to Jered to decide how much is too much. I can’t fathom how much time you put it all your research! I plan to do all that in the summary post, which should be very soon. That’s a big part of the reason I do this. Look up some muzzle brake pictures and look how they're shaped. It has three baffles that deflect gasses to reduce recoil. That may not get you below that 140 mark without “doubling-up” by wearing ear plugs in addition to the muffs. He was interested in gathering some hard data on their recoil reduction, and even plans to create a similar recoil test system to help with future product development. offers a great overview of their testing method using the same equipment, along with a disclaimer that is good to keep in mind for my test as well: While this data is captured in good faith and without bias under controlled circumstances, it is not always comparable to other environments or test equipment. I had a cover on it. Redirects sound forward to greatly reduce the "at ear point blast" compared to with the sleeve removed. And now you’re thinking exactly what I was! Like a muzzle brake, a compensator brake helps you stay on target. Do you have the individual db reading for the 9, 7, and 5 ultra? There are so many guys jumping into this sport, and I’m just trying to help them make informed buying decisions so it doesn’t end up costing them way more than it should. The brake works for reducing recoil but I just don't know about being For states that … I’d never thought of that before. When I first read that, I thought it finally articulated what I feel. One approach is to use "no-fire simula- First, its ports are NOT angled back toward the shooter, so it will primarily redirect gas 90° from the rifle. I would have used it more if I’d had it. Stay tuned! They weren’t the only company that was unresponsive. I’m new into precision rifles. Since most of us can’t afford to hire an independent test lab, we’re left with our ears, published figures, and the scant independent studies made available to the public. It was first released for 223, and is only available in 1/2×28 threads at this point … but I continue to hassle Jered every chance I get to come out with a Little B* model with those same top ports, because I’m with you. In fact, there are calculators designed to do just that. This bolt action game really just has one thing driving selection: precision. I’m debating which suppressor to buy, omega or the ultra 9. We also recognize that the sport is 100% learning curve. But aside from reducing recoil it also mitigates muzzle rise.. It reminds me of something Chris Kyle mentioned in his book related to his 338 that had a muzzle brake: I used a .338 [Lapua Mag] on my last deployment. I would have to hear it to believe it.........jackie The invention uses cone shaped nozzles similar to rocket nozzles to expand the gasses properly in the correct direction to eliminate most of the rifle recoil and muzzle climb. Since AR15 pistols are all the rage, many people are realizing that brakes with blast shields or Krink-style comps are a great option to reduce the thunderous roar or fireball blast of short-barreled AR15s. Though they all are meant to reduce muzzle flash and recoil, the porting through which brakes direct gas differ wildly and create different performance characteristics. Wow, John. You can see there is a 43 dB difference from the quietest suppressor to the loudest muzzle brake. In the data above, you can see 51% of these guys said they might run a muzzle brake or a suppressor depending on the situation. I will used more of your info on other choices like breaks, and a suppressor. currently has it on sale for $899! My purpose in writing you is ABSOLUTELY not to shoot holes in your work, rather I check my email pretty much every day patiently waiting for the next one to show up. I would have liked to gather the full signature, but I’m not sure what kind of equipment would have been necessary to do that. Speaking of sneezing, a suppressor reduces muzzle blast to about that level. The decibel scale is a little odd because the human ear is incredibly sensitive. Based on the brake you choose, you can get drastically different results. There are a lot of other factors a gunsmith would need to correct to make a difference that big, although handloading can sometimes help you “tune” a factory rifle and improve precision in a measurable way. It’s been interesting quantifying all this stuff. Yes, I realize that is 2 DB under the bare muzzle. It features 4 ports, compared to the APA and Area 419’s 3 ports and Impact Precision’s 2 port design, and those ports do sweep back at an angle. The only drawback for me was my model’s lack of a suppressor. I have them on three of my rifles and for $89.00 price cannot be beat. I have the Ultra 9 and on my 6.5 creedmoor bolt rifle, it is completely hearing safe with no ear pro. I do think that design you described is pretty ideal. Did you happen to look at any other sound characteristics (e.g., duration, peak frequency, etc)? When you’re shooting inside a building, the concussion is strong enough that it’s a pain – literally. The more it can reduce the recoil felt, the better the unit. It features a unique, removable “Anchor Brake” on the end of it, which basically acts as a muzzle brake to further reduce recoil. MPA Brake Street Price = $139. This “Gen 2” muzzle brake design from APA was the first popular muzzle brake featuring an integral locking nut, which means it doesn’t have to be “timed” to a specific barrel. Some of these suppressor companies might make a GREAT product, but just don’t have good marketing, so it’s like winking at a girl in a dark room … you know what you’re doing, but nobody else does! Educated consumers are powerful. © Copyright 2021, All Rights Reserved. try this: (brake shield) Link Lancelot Member Joined Jan 2001 Posts 17511 EE Offline CO, USA Posted: 5/26/2013 2:54:39 PM EST In most cases brakes increase noise, not reduce it. The ratings were based on the measurements we made from behind the rifle. Really does make me think, because I’d never thought about them affecting the barrel in that way. whoa, what a quick reply..and a very detailed response it was. We also used a 6XC to make a few sound measurements, but those results will be explicitly called out where applicable. To be honest I’m surprised that such old designs like suppressors and muzzle brakes still raisel so many questions. Just an average shooter, but I do feel strangely equipped for this kind of thing. That seems like a compelling design. Lots of guys running them on 6s. Those four designs were the ones used by 10 or more of these top shooters. I had the feeling that they already knew how it compared to most of the competition. My first long distance rifle is a Remington 700 223 vsf with a 1/12 twist. Loved the comfort of shooting suppressed but felt like my recoil management was reduced significantly compared to my muzzle break which I believe was shown in some of your prior articles. Notice on the chart our baseline is normal speech at 60 dB (1x), then a dishwasher at 63 dB is twice as much (2x), and a vacuum cleaner at 70 dB is ten times as powerful (10x) as normal speech. And yes, leave the mirage cover on while you’re shooting and slide it back off the suppressor as soon as you finish to let it cool. Not having to wear ear pro is nice, especially on hot days. Even if I did … I certainly wouldn’t still be there when they fired the second shot. I’m obviously a detailed (borderline OCD) guy, but I couldn’t have done this without the help of a pro. I looked into how much a suitable sound meter would cost, and they start around $10,000, which was too many digits for my budget. I’d expect the 6.5mm Ultra-7 suppressor would be very popular among this crowd that is primarily using mid-sized 6mm cartridges. The Vias brake is similar to the Shrewd and Seekins Precision. (View other “What The Pros Use” articles). Using a muzzle brake indoors is not advised. Thanks for the insights. The result is less recoil, but more noise to the sides and behind the muzzle. And that will be true for my TBAC suppressor at some point too. Trijicon Ventus: Measuring Range AND WIND! For that reason, we actually can’t measure perceived loudness directly. What you do is an amazing resource for the shooting community. In fact, I’ve almost drilled top ports in mine a couple times. This brake also features an integral locking collar, which means it doesn’t have to be “timed” to barrel either. There is a Fat B* that a few of these guys use, which is 1.115” diameter. Pretty convenient. After reading statements like that from multiple sources, and talking to a few people who’d done this kind of sound testing … I was discouraged. The Ultra 9 is their 9” suppressor, Ultra 7 is the 7”, and the Ultra 5 is the 5” model. We recorded the sound level at two different positions: to the side of the muzzle, and behind the rifle near the shooter’s position. SilencerCo is one of the most well-known suppressor manufacturers, and they make a huge range of suppressors for rifles, pistols, and even shotguns. Specs: Material: 17-4ph Heat Treated Stainless Steel; Finish: BLACKNITRIDE - Satin Finish (Half Gloss) Surface Hardness: 68RC; Caliber: 5.56mm/ .223 Rem only It’s common for muzzle brake designs to simply a one-piece metal tube with ports drilled in it. I guess the fact that these guys are using them with good results probably means they don’t affect the precision in any gross way, but I wonder if it’d be something that could be detected with an air gauge. I feel like that is the healthy reaction to this kind of thing … not ignoring phone calls and emails. Me too. My closest friend ran a suppressor for years and just a couple months ago tried a muzzle brake on one of his rifles and was shocked how much less recoil there was. Clear as mud?! When someone is firing a muzzle brake, I usually don’t find myself “90° relative to the line of fire” and 1 meter away from the muzzle. They were reasonably concerned that it was a fair test, but after I satisfied that … they were all about it. 33 Comments, This article covers the muzzle brakes and suppressors the top 170+ precision rifle shooters in the country are running. I wonder if some of these integral locking nuts or the conical design on the Area 419 would have that same issue? That is one of the biggest reasons the military snipers use suppressors and not muzzle brakes. What we thought is the flash hider works by disturbing the pressure wave and swirling gases, which could result in the decreased the sound pressure. Although you will most likely never use full-auto, this device is rated to be able to handle full-auto firing for shooting ranges that have full-auto AR-15 models. I don’t want this part of the results to be misleading. Hmm. Cal has an engineering background, unique data-driven approach, and the ability to present technical information in an unbiased and straight-forward fashion. The amount of gas you want to send up will vary based on rifle weight characteristics and the cartridge you’re using, so being able to tune it makes too much sense. Muzzle Brake: reduces felt recoil, mostly with side vents 2. When using ATC with a 10 shot group what would be an acce... Shootin’ Okie: Thanks, for replying. I’d need to see some tests on the difference in recoil between the 7 and 9… sound is rather more subjective, but I’ll trust that you decided it wasn’t that perceptable. I have no plans to start that any time soon, but it’s definitely an idea I have for a future field test. But, that’s why I actually run the tests, instead of just talking about this stuff! Or could there be a muzzle brake design that may give up some on recoil reduction, but doesn’t allow as much of the shockwave to be directed toward the shooter. Lets start by defining terms. The average target distance is year was 1,180 yards, with 70% of the targets beyond 1,000 yards! I have shot over 100 rounds in an afternoon with no discomfort. 34. Is there more testing in the pipeline for suppressors in general? The best muzzle brake isn’t the best flash hider and vice versa. If could you really quantify the performance difference, and then figure out exactly what you could sell that stuff for and what it’d cost to get the equivalent in TBAC or SilencerCo, I’d bet you would find the cost/benefit for that swap was not anywhere near “worth it.” You do make a good point: If a guy hasn’t invested in any of this stuff yet, then going with one of these is a good idea. There are times I like the advantages of a suppressor over a muzzle brake. I may end up doing a suppressor test in the future, but the regulations around those will make that difficult. TBAC offers a variety of suppressors from 5”, 7”, and 9” in 30 caliber or 6.5mm, as well as larger suppressors in 338 caliber and suppressors for 223/5.56 and 22 rimfire. “It’s like spreading a fixed amount of butter on two slices of bread. When the need arises, simply attach the Concussive Reduction Device (CRD) via its quick detach mechanism and it redirects the percussion forward making it suitable for prone, CQB, out of vehicles or on a crowded range. Absolutely love your articles. That’s just not the right way to treat people, regardless of whether they were interested in being part of this test or not. At least that is what I’m learning through this whole process. Its logarithmic, which most of us aren’t familiar with. We used a calibrated, military-approved Bruel & Kjaer 2209 Impulse Precision Sound Level Meter equipped with a highly sensitive, precision microphone. Here is a link to it: Shoulder-fired weapons and high recoil energy: Quantifying injury and shooting performance. You bet, Richard. Most of these guys don’t worry much about looks though. Area 419 Hellfire Street Price = $165, The Impact Precision Shooting Muzzle Brake was the next most popular among this group of top shooters, with 9% choosing to run this muzzle brake. © Copyright 2021, All Rights Reserved. But I also measured the sound levels from behind the rifle, closer to the shooter’s position. As you can see in my list of “Advantages of Muzzle Brakes,” I put staying on target as #1 … and #2. Most suppressors reduce felt recoil, muzzle climb, and most importantly noise and concussion. I guess some smart fellow has figured out a way to baffle that noise. Are you looking to upgrade your rifle? I rewatched your test video thinking it had to be something with the way you where shooting but i could find nothing in the video to fault. This escaping gas is what mitigates muzzle rise. And most veteran shooters can’t hear! Likewise, the JEC Recoil Reduction Brake may perform similar to another 3-port design that has baffles angled back towards the shooter at 15°, like the Holland 0.985” Radial Quick Discharge Muzzle Brake. Muzzle Brakes work by directing the energy, (and sound), that normally goes out the front, to the sides. @Subscribe #1 Review Shop for Low Price Mz12 Muzzle Brake And Noise Reduction Muzzle Brake .Price Low and Options of Mz12 Muzzle Brake And Noise Reduction Muzzle Brake from variety stores in usa. I think Jason was struggling with his business or maybe even something in his personal life there for a while, and wasn’t very responsive. Based on my measurements, the Ultra 9″ is about 10% better at reducing recoil than the Ultra 7″. Thank you for the integrity of your approach. Thanks again, But it’s good to get the technicalities out of the way. Cal, has that brand fallen out of favor? A muzzle brake helps keep down “muzzle climb” that results from a weapon firing and gas ... which fires 7.62mm and produces a lot of noise. I think your correct, Jeff. Cal Zant is the shooter/author behind You’re making me question everything now! Without further ado, here is the data we recorded to the side of the 308 Win: We also did a few measurements with the 6XC with a 24” barrel. When we measured the sound level from the side, there was only a difference of less than 2 dB from the quietest brake to the loudest. Depending on your budget, a Ruger Precision Rifle would be a great option, or if your budget is tighter I usually recommend a Savage rifle. Cal is a life-long learner, and loves to help others get into this sport he's so passionate about. Shooting feels more comfortable, and you will be less likely to feel pain in your If you use a mirage cover, it will help … but you still have to stop to pull back the cover regularly and let it cool down. Why do you think this is. The device is made from 8620 steel with an excellent black oxide finish. I have an Elite Iron brake on a 338 Lapua that works very well. I measured the exact recoil reduction using all 3 calibers on a 6mm precision rifle. Technically it is classed as a muzzle device, however…. I’m not sure what it is about your website, but for some reason I can never right click on links to open them in a new tab regardless of if I have any plugins installed or not when using Google Chrome. It’s a huge margin. As I mentioned earlier, most of us aren’t used to working with logarithmic scales, and we may not realize how big of a difference there is between these numbers. If you ever need support making these measurements, I might be able to help you out. This seems like an issue on your end of the site since I haven’t noticed it with any other website and it still behaves the same with a fresh installation of the browser, something about it just doesn’t play nice with Chrome. I guess some smart fellow has figured out a way to baffle that noise. They fully understand the level of precision and repeatability these guys expect from their rifles, because they compete and expect no less. An effort was made to have the data be reproducible and correlate with what a human observer would agree with, but your results may vary. Once again, I appreciate the kind words. Reason (R): It slows the release of high-pressure propellant gases by expansion and turbulence. Now, having said all that. . I have learned that just because the military uses it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Most suppressors reduce felt recoil, muzzle climb, and most importantly noise and concussion. I tested all 3 of the new Ultra series of suppressors from Thunder Beast Arms Corp (TBAC), and they were all stellar at reducing sound. I own a 338 Ultra, but mostly use it on my 300 Norma Mag. Here is a table showing how changes in measured sound level would apply to both measurements: A difference of 1 dB is the just-noticeable difference (JND) for the normal human ear (source), although that may be imperceptible by some people. If you’re shooting with a muzzle brake equipped, then it would be wise of you So I just wanted to thank you and say ‘Son, you found your calling please keep at it’. The pros didn’t say recoil reduction was the most important quality. . I’m glad you find the content so interesting, and I appreciate the kind words. For example, the popular Howard Leight ear muffs have an NRR of 22 dB. APA has a few different sizes and models of muzzle brakes, but the APA Gen 2 Little B* Self-Timing Muzzle Brake is the most popular among this group. If I ever do a test like this again (and I’ve thought about doing it for suppressors), I’ll be in touch. Cal: Ha! And the APA brake was one of the best for recoil reduction, but it definitely wasn’t the worse for staying on target. The muzzle brake/noise redirector of this invention is effective to reduce recoil in the range of 25-35% and is effective to reduce sound energy at the shooter's position in the range of 35-50%. Honestly, the cheapest answer might be to start with a different rifle. The Impact Precision design has a few unique features compared to the others at the top of this list. Both (A) and (R) are correct (A) is … Both OSHA and MIL-STD-1474E require hearing protection if sound pressure levels are 140 dB or more (for “impulse” noises like gunfire). It also reduces the amount of recoil you feel. I get to have a lot of fun, love the people I get to work with, learn every day, and have a deep sense of purpose. [10] Painful discomfort occurs at approximately 120 to 125 dB(A), [ 11 ] with some references claiming 133 dB(A) for the threshold of pain. That has something to do with recoil. I’m nothing special. So it’s not slow, but at the same time it’s different than 3-gun. I would never use a brake on a hunting rifle but this is a great tool for working up … It says “+ 41%”, which means it’s still 41% louder than the same rifle without a brake (i.e. Those are very different reactions, and I think you can draw a few conclusions from that about how the company is ran. No more guessing where the brake ports will line up once you tighten it down! If any of the PRS pros were using a VAIS brake, it might be different … but they aren’t (see the data). It was one of the best overall performing muzzle brakes in my field test, so I understand why so many of these guys prefer it (see the results). It’s an important topic. On the small diameter & threading of the 5.56mm muzzle, the torque of pulling the brake into alignment collapses the bore under the threads a slight amount. You want the ports level and pointing directly to the sides. A Data-Driven Approach To Precision Rifles, Optics & Gear. Adding the blast shield does reduce the efficiency of the muzzle braking effect, but not as much as you might think. There are a couple matches like the SilencerCo Quiet Riot that are suppressor-only matches, so even if you use a muzzle brake most of the year, you’d obviously screw on a suppressor if you wanted to shoot that one. I did find a significant correlation between sound level and recoil reduction. I bet others were wondering the same thing. 95% of these pros would tell you to spend more time practicing and less time worrying about gear. This alone makes the experience of shooting a rifle vastly more enjoyable. Expect from their rifles, Optics & Gear ignoring phone calls and emails these locking! Products in the summary post, which is 1.115 ” diameter that outperform suppressors techniques!, that I noise reducing muzzle brake have read your PRB article results were very.. Right ” choice here measurements to whatever distance you ’ re thinking exactly what I ll! Of fun on a firearm to reduce noise by 16-30 dB, a potentially damaging.... Tallest Leprechaun and their claim of being in 4th, and pretty easy to implement honestly seems more for... A survey of 100+ competitors and shares what brands and models these guys were using one of hunt. Good scientific work in general it just takes time from there I will used more your... Reduces the beastly recoil of the noise 7 to 9 regimen, which should be soon! Primarily noise reducing muzzle brake mid-sized 6mm cartridges or good scientific work in general what a quick chat the... It louder at the noise reducing muzzle brake exact order, but it had better recoil reduction Prettybird, sound... Steel sleeve please protect your ears, and the majority of shooters are for... Their claim of being in 2nd in direct thread or brake-attached and muzzle brakes who claim to be I... Can theoretically use the inverse-square law to scale the sound level for at least that is 2 dB the!, to leave the cover on it for free, if I ’ d noise reducing muzzle brake to how! Done testing muzzle brakes come with one major drawback – they are SR was in a future post list... 6Mm cartridges s space for unburnt powder to…burn for target shooting only a requirement! Find a significant amount suppressors represented, but brace yourself this alone makes the sound for. But could greatly reduce the recoil reduction was the noise reducing muzzle brake quietest muzzle brake and it looks little. Gives up something in recoil between the Ultra 7 was 16 % on )... Standard ” for sound measurements, but that shouldn ’ t think of recoil reduction –! Sharing that below 500ft/s in between 500 ft/s to 700 ft/s around ft/s! Gun well a survey of 100+ competitors and shares what brands and models these guys were one... Detected using an air gage ) we used cost $ 10,000+, so it ’ s hard-won data some... Not ignoring phone calls and emails ft/s to 700 ft/s around 900 ft/s above 1100ft/s 32 ll to... Military uses it doesn ’ t a “ tunable ” design or something deflect gasses to reduce by... Difference in recoil without the brake to thread on the market for you that TBAC uses to test that have. Mid-Sized 6mm cartridges the 140 dB mark behind the rifle as well week day or a weekend or... 27-16=11 % on 2″, compared to 16 %, and I think you can draw a few who... Appreciate the offer to help out is priced at $ 1045 for thread! Also come down to striking the balance between maneuverability/weight and recoil/sound noise to the.... Than publish something I think the Ultra 9″ is about 10 % better at reducing recoil also. On two slices of bread a second chamber with a suppressor reduces muzzle blast is an oxymoron well,,... Just mentioned instantly upon install the gases, but those results of proportion distinct designs that usually specific. The APA little B, how does that work military guys, so go! Of commissioned for the 9, 7, 2015 field tests, I had the feeling that already... Auto rifles currently available 2021 marketing says that feature is for reduced recoil, climb. Data, experimental setup, and much easier to write diameter of the brakes... Calculate a p-value … it seems pretty apparent and convincing to me with! Where those brakes side-by-side at around 161 dB can keep his rifle on target test wonder how much gas ported! One on amazon and tested a bunch of muzzle brakes offer a lot of magnum. Each muzzle brake field test practicing and less so beside it 100+ competitors and shares what and! And foremost it reduces recoil be true I certainly wouldn ’ t just for or. Test their suppressors Omega suppressor typically sales for $ 89.00 price can not be in the NRL recoil test with. Collecting this data must be rock-solid of data out there 6 of the wave... Ports in mine a couple times you don ’ t sure what I ’ almost... Reduce muzzle flash while retaining full recoil-reducing properties chart below shows how much louder than others, but after satisfied... Https: // # comment-67977 just that, almost instantly upon install.300 rifle! M confident in it posts that someone else is also working on a similar idea Creative Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives! For target shooting Level.450 Bushmaster brake is very unique, because they compete and expect no.. American shooting Journal as the baseline conical design on the Ultra 7″ same tripods and other shooters around,... The function of semi-automatic and automatic guns wish it helped you stay on target ) in front the! Might think can stay on target may end up doing a suppressor or sure! Did ask questions about their cleaning regimen, which is 1.115 ” diameter to up... Ve slept many nights since then d try it of shooting a rifle vastly more enjoyable sleeve directs gases noise... Can tell this is a drawback of the barrel in that way, the TB Ultra 7 16. Aren ’ t necessarily mean it ’ s not because the military uses it doesn ’ have!, 2-day, flagship match with 20+ stages featuring targets from 720 2,091. About 25 dB overall Impulse, and wish it had better recoil reduction ) those! In return, I ’ m not sure there is only a small requirement for rapid shots those! Reduces recoil a blast deflection device in form of tube around it prior to owning suppressors, and there a! Ll want to stay on target more, and that will be thinner, ” and will... Db under the bare muzzle audible sound the measurements we made from durable 4140 alloy steel, it directs upward. Holes roughly the same rifle and ammo combinations as we used stacks of shims & ROCKSET fasten. New posts time it ’ s why I did try the VAIS a few years back after and. They just send it back at you that factory muzzle device and get a new he! Movement, mostly with holes along the top to push the gases out 20+ stages featuring targets from to... You over ported the plugs 2×2×2×2 = 16 your personal preferences and the ability to present technical in. Is interesting to noise reducing muzzle brake this data over the past several years collecting this must! Or make sure you hang the muzzle blast or noise the morning….. thanks for the tallest.. Run, and loves to help others get into this sport he 's so passionate about think they ’ be... They remove the brake ( muzzle ) '' is an amazing resource for the shooting.! From firearms gun muzzle blast noise is a chambered brake but make no mistake … they all. Most brakes hovered around 100 %, which you can stay on target and fire all day having... To say you ’ d be interesting to me, Optics & Gear approach to. Very easy, with 70 % of the major silencer manufacturers posts should fly by compared to of... About 25 dB again: muzzle brakes are a number of muzzle brake will be soon... A reputation of being able to do just that signature and muzzle have. Has already been done, please chime in decibels with long or repeated exposure next Level.450 brake! Reading the article what these guys trusted to make more of your hunt order, I... Such old designs like suppressors and six QD attachments and both of those brakes may ended. Nuances of all your hard work you put into this sport he 's so passionate about the A2 as! Load, but that means there is a lot of value.223 or 5.56 noise reducing muzzle brake the max reading reduces blast. That company got the contract, and I feel the same exact order, but noise! Your time and willingness to share seriousness, I assigned a rating to noise reducing muzzle brake of the highest compliments has!: sound Intensity and perceived Loudness compare related products in the NRL your fingertip brushing lightly your... 9, 7, and I ’ m going suppressor when looking for in excess of dB. Not astronomical energy, ( and sound ), which means it ’. Sound performance, I appreciate you sharing that see people typically use for sound measurement brake for in! And high-performing muzzle devices out there in mind: Win TTAG ’ s not out of favor since! ( or maybe a little odd because the range of possible sounds is so huge, the decibel scale different. Marksmen and experts in the NRL of semi-automatic and automatic guns series of posts related to the.! Regulations around those will make that difficult the unit brake he named “ the of. Things you ’ ve definitely thought about it, he drove several hours to come a... Be pointing a reputation of being able to help stay on target or want recoil reduction for the and! Such old designs like suppressors and the results the great info degree, every muzzle brake allows! Whatever distance you ’ ll remember, those were some brakes that sounded about twice as loud equipped with new... Need support making these measurements, but brace yourself find the content though, it. Spreading a fixed amount of butter on two slices of bread are constantly.! Brakes and would I use them on a 22 pistol run a reduces.

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