Surjapuri one of the minor dialect is also spoken in this district.[17]. 90733 86803, 90733 86804, 90733 27315, Best viewed in Internet Explorer 9.0 or later/ Firefox / Google Chrome    Bolla village, located at a distance of about 20 kms from Balurghat town on Balurghat-Malda Highway houses this Temple. The posts are on Temporary basis but is likely to be made Permanent. Balurghat is at It has an average elevation of 25 metres (82 feet). It comprises two subdivisions: Balurghat and Gangarampur at Buniadpur . A Baul Mela and Utsab is held at Nayabazar Hattola in Tapan Block. A sea of devotees, from different parts of South Dinajpur district, gathers in the Temple during the Puja and offer prayers. Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}25°13′N 88°46′E / 25.22°N 88.76°E / 25.22; 88.76, This article is about a District in West Bengal. The vacancies are in Dakshin Dinajpur District Judiciary for the year 2019-20. Dakshin Dinajpur is a "non-large scale industry" but there are a number of medium and small hand loom industries especially Gangarampur block. There is a law college and a agriculture college at Balurghat. The dancers are accompanied by drummers and local flute players. It is an age-old folk-cultural form practised by the rural people of the district - mainly belonging to the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe communities. Uttar Dinajpur has very fertile soil thanks to alluvial deposition. District Health and Family Welfare Samiti, Dakshin Dinajpur [6] Balurghat is the district headquarters. Prior permission is to be sought from the Block Development Officer, Hili to enter this spot. Local products and flavor of rural Bengal is abundantly disbursed. The economy of both North and South Dinajpur is predominantly agricultural and the population almost entirely rural - about 87% across both districts. application for the trade of cisco certified network associate A three-day fair is held at Bolla Kali Bari, 17 km from Balurghat, on the Maldah - Balurghat Highway. This three day fair is a meeting point of devotees from the two Bengals, the East and the West. Bolla Kali Temple is situated in Dakshin Dinajpur District. Section) are going to release Admit Card for the 50 Nirman Sahayak, Executive Assistant, Gram Panchayat Secretary, Gram Panchayat Karmee and Samiti Education Office Posts of Gram Panchayat in the District of Dakshin Dinajpur. There is a government nursing college at Balurghat. The people of South Dinajpur or Dakshin Dinajpur are largely dependent upon agriculture for their livelihood. There is one D.A.V group school (Atreyee DAV Public School) and a Techno Group school at Balurghat. of Tourism, West Bengal, Sub-regional Conference on World Heritage. Notifications; Title Description Start Date End Date File; Office of the Block Development officer, Harirampur; Memo No. The region is drained by a number of north-south flowing rivers like Kulik, Nagar and Mahananda in the North and Atreyee, Punarbhava, Tangon, Ichamati and Brahmani in the South. Masks are made locally using locally available wood. Dakshin Dinajpur came into existence after the division of old West Dinajpur into North Dinajpur and South Dinajpur in April, 1992. Legal Disclaimer    West Dinajpur was enlarged in 1956 with the addition of some districts of Bihar and on 01.04.1992 was bifurcated into Uttar Dinajpur and Dakshin Dinajpur. Tapan constituency is reserved for Scheduled Tribes (ST) candidates. There is one polytecnic college at Gangarampur (Thengapara), one polytechnic at Teor, 10 km from Balurghat and one I.T.I. However, the share croppers under the leadership of Chiarshai Sekh succeeded to snatch away those arrested cultivators from the police jeep and damaged the vehicle. The four rivers, namely, Brahmani, Atreyee, Tangon and Punarbhaba flow through South Dinajpur and sustain a large community of fishermen. Nowadays "Khan" teams and players are scattered almost all over the district. As the colour of the water of this lake was "Dhala" i.e. The Police arrested Smt Jasoda Rajbanshi, W/o Nilkantha Rajbanshi (Party Secretary), Sri Gopeshwar Das Mohanta, Sri Ghutui Kolkamar, Sri Gajimuddin and Sri Sashi Barman. Folk artistes of this district are socially conscious. [9], The district is divided into six assembly constituencies:[10]. As per order of the Delimitation Commission in respect of the delimitation of constituencies in the West Bengal, the district was to be divided into six assembly constituencies:[11]. It will be at Mahinagar, Balurghat. A new railway line has been laid between Eklakhi and Balurghat, the district headquarters. 18. By Train: Nearest rail station is Balurghat, which is the district headquarters of Dakshin Dinajpur. Archaeological excavations have revealed that a highly developed civilization flourished here in the past. Organized on the friday following Raas Purnima, in the month of November, the Fair is attended by locals and a large number of devotees from adjoining Bangladesh. west bengal minorities’ development and finance corporation. In a radius of 8 kms of this area, different ancient archaeological remnants have been found. 'Khan' performers are mostly concentrated in Kushmandi and Bangshihari Blocks. Mokha dance (Mask Dance) The decline of this important region of Bengal after it had risen to its zenith during the four-century reign of the Buddhist Palas was as much the result of ecological change accompanying the migration of distributary rivers in the Tista-Punarbhaba-Atreyee system, as of the shift of political power away from the region during the subsequent ascendancies of the Sena kings, the Turko-Afghan Sultans, Mughals and the colonial empire of the British. In 2006 the Ministry of Panchayati Raj named Dakshin Dinajpur one of the country's 250 most backward districts (out of a total of 640). There is a small memorial in the spot inscribing the names of the patriotic souls. Jang Gan 162 likes. This Kaldighi has recently been purchased by Dakshin Dinajpur Zilla Parishad for development of Pissiculture and for creating composite demonstration center of different schemes such as Poultry, Piggery, Milch Cow, Duckery, Biogas plant, Solar energy system, etc. application for the trade of pre-recruitment coaching for minority youth for competitive examinations. They take part in all the Government programmes for social upliftment such as DPEP, Literacy Campaign, Health Awareness programme, Family Welfare programmes organised by the State Government. West Bengal Public library network, an initiative of Department of Mass Education Extension & Library Services, Government of West Bengal, State Central Library, SCL, Digital Archive of rare books, Dspace, Library Network, KOHA, District Libraries, Town Libraries, Century Old Libraries, Government Sponsored Libraries, Community Information Service, CIS, Scholarships, Digital Repository of Books The portion to the west was allocated to West Bengal and renamed West Dinajpur while the rest of the Dinajpur district went to present day Bangladesh. Trains from Kolkata are available for Balurghat on regular basis. An Initiative of . After excavation, so many historical objects and archeological ruins of the Mauryan era to the Muslim period have been found. ||   Its old name was Debkot/Debikot. It comprises two subdivisions: Balurghat and Gangarampur at Buniadpur. MGNREGS Dakshin Dinajpur Recruitment 2019 → Gram Rozgar Sevak Vacancies – Office of the Block Development officer, Programme Officer (MGNREGS), Dakshin Dinajpur has displayed 01 vacant seats for Gram Rozgar Sevak (GRS) posts on contractual basis. There are eight police stations,[7] eight development blocks, Three municipalities, 64 gram panchayats and 2317 villages in this district. Bengali is the principal language used here while Islampur in North Dinajpur has a large number of Urdu and Hindi speaking people. The town covers 10.76 of area. Along with one assembly constituency from North Dinajpur district, the six assembly constituencies of this district form the Balurghat (Lok Sabha constituency), which is reserved for SC candidates. A dental and nursing college will start functioning at Balurghat from next year.[when?]. The district was bifurcated into Uttar Dinajpur and Dakshin Dinajpur on 1 April 1992.[3][4]. Cities and towns in the Dakshin Dinajpur district M: municipal city/ town, CT: census town, R: rural/ urban centre, H: historical site Owing to space constraints in the small map, the actual locations in a larger map may vary slightly Location. NJ Stamp under Collector Jalpaiguri. 02/DRC-DD/2019-20 Dated 20/12/2019 Download the attachment for detailed … Just about 200 metres away from Dhaldighi, there is another lake called Kaldighi. There are two CBSE affiliated and one CISCE affiliated school in Balurghat. Their performances are seasonal particularly after the harvesting season is over and when rural people have money in their pockets to spend on entertainment. application for the trade of admission for certificate course in machine operation receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). ||    The ruined buildings of Nilkothi still attract the people of this locality. The East Dinajpur district, now called Dinajpur, became part of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Fruits like watermelon, khormuj etc. Khan A Baul Mela and Utsab are held at Nayabazar Hattola in Tapan Block. The famous Temple is dedicated to Bolla Maa Kali and has been named after the Goddess. [6][8], Other than municipality area, each subdivision contains community development blocs which are divided into rural areas and census towns. The history of Dakshin Dinajpur which used to be a part of the erstwhile Dinajpur district, dates back to the Pal and Sen dynasties and boasts of a glowing cultural heritage. JCCT, Ultadanga Charge(KER) 2. Communities belonging to the scheduled castes account for about 28% of the population across both districts with the bulk belonging to the indigenous Rajbonshi community. JCCT, Park St. Mahipal Lake (Area 61.16 acres) is situated at a distance of 60 kms from Balurghat and 30 kms from Gangarampur. 18 likes. [5] It is one of the eleven districts in West Bengal currently[when?] The Police then opened fire. Busway also available from many other locations of the state. Animal sacrifice, also known as Bali, is also a prominent feature of this Puja. This Folk form is a unique form typical to the 'Dinajpur' region. View (575 KB) Election Commission FORM – 7: 01/04/2018: Objection to the inclusion of another person's name in the electoral roll due to death / house transfer / application of his name … Of late, The Green View English Academy is the only CISCE affiliated school in the entire district. To combat this movement the British Force along with local Zamindars started various oppressive measures including plunder, rape, setting fire etc. All are invited to join here. Dakshin Dinajpur University will start functioning from next year. The district headquarters of North Dinajpur is at Raigunj while that of South Dinajpur is at Balurghat. With the partition of India in 1947, the Dinajpur district was divided. Baul songs, Lalon Geeti Bhawaia, Chatka, Gambhira are also practiced widely in this district. Tol Free No: 1800 2121 655 The districts of Uttar (North) and Dakshin (South) Dinajpur are enclosed by Bangladesh on the East, Bihar on the West, Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri district on the North and Malda district on the South. Tapan constituency will be reserved for ST candidates. [2] roughly equal to the nation of Guinea-Bissau. © 2018 - 2021, Dept. By Road: Taxi or bus is available from Balurghat to Bolla. 19. E-Mail :, Regional Tourist Office (Industrial Training Institute) at Balurghat, but no engineering or medical college. It is an age-old folk-cultural form practised by the rural people of the district, mainly belonging to the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe communities. Kushmandi Block is the main centre at present. Songs used to be composed and tuned by the participants. In the face of such oppression, the movement instead of subsiding, further flared up. A page for open discussions about the culture, society, education, food, politics, history of our District. According to the Census of 2011, the population of South Dinajpur was 16,70,931 while that of North Dinajpur was 30,00,849. of Tourism, West Bengal     All are invited to join here. An agricultural Regional Research Station for Old Alluvial Zone under Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya is operating at Majhian. River Atreyee runs across the city, dividing it into disproportionate halves. Songs and dialogues are improvised, hence the lack of written manuscripts. Name of the Unit: 1. Internet access is available from most of the cities, even broadband connections are available. Location. During the period of Pal Dynasty, Mahipal II dug this lake. As a result 21 (twenty one) cultivators died on the spot. Songs of these folk cultural forms are typical of neighbouring districts (Gambhira in Malda; Bhawaiya in Cooch-Bihar) and 'Bauls' are seen performing throughout the district. 512 in the district. During winter, a large number of migratory birds flock to this place. The principal communities are Hindus and Muslims, constituting the major portion of the population. Page rendered in 0.0951 seconds. white, the lake is called Dhal Dighi. To rescue the Zamindar, Goddess Kali appeared and the Zamindar was released the next day. For the District in Bangladesh, see, Location of Dakshin Dinajpur district in West Bengal, Places adjacent to Dakshin Dinajpur district, Gangarampur (Community development block), List of West Bengal districts ranked by literacy rate, "District -DO office Literates and Literacy Rates, 2001", "A Note on the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme", "Directory of District, Sub division, Panchayat Samiti/ Block and Gram Panchayats in West Bengal, March 2008", "Census of India 2001, Final Population Totals, West Bengal, Rural Frame", "Population, Decadal Growth Rate, Density and General Sex Ratio by Residence and Sex, West Bengal/ District/ Sub District, 1991 and 2001", "General election to the Legislative Assembly, 2001 – List of Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies",, "DISTRIBUTION OF THE 22 SCHEDULED LANGUAGES-INDIA/STATES/UNION TERRITORIES - 2011 CENSUS", Decadal Variation In Population Since 1901, Cities and towns in Dakshin Dinajpur district, Revolutionary movement for Indian independence, "List of 90 Minority Concentration Districts",, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox settlement with bad settlement type, Pages using infobox settlement with no coordinates, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Vague or ambiguous time from January 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 January 2021, at 20:08. Balurghat: Post Office Name : Majhihar, Pin Code : 733154, Dist : Dinajpur Dakshin: 03522-255213 Mask dance practised by the rural people representing various ethnic groups. There is one State Highway with only 77 km of National Highway No. ... NJ Stamp under Collector Dakshin Dinajpur. SDO Dakshin Dinajpur Recruitment 2020 Apply 14 ASHA Worker Vacancies: Office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate & Sub-Divisional Officer, Dakshin Dinajpur has announced a vacancy advertisement titled as SDO Dakshin Dinajpur Recruitment 2020 to recruit 14 positions of ASHA Worker Vacancies. Name of Office: Office of the Sub-Divisional Officer, Dakshin Dinajpur Official Website: Memo No: 1124/ASHA/SDO(G)/2020 Name of the Post: Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) Total Vacancy: 04 Block-wise Vacancy Details: Koti Barsha was one of the districts. Kushmandi constituency is reserved for Scheduled Castes (SC) candidates. This is also a very big water body. NJ Stamp under Collector Coochbehar. Both North and South Dinajpur have been categorised as backward districts with a complete absence of mineral resources. College (S.B.S stands for Subal Chandra Bimala Sundari), Nathaniyal Murmu Memorial College, Buniadpur Mahavidyalaya, Dewan Abdul Gani College, Govt. One can reach the temple by road from Balurghat station easily. Further, the district authority has sanctioned fund for construction of a lodge. VVM Junior Level National Champion (2018–19), Saswata Bose, is a student of The ADAVPS. Welcome to Daksin dinajpur The antecedents of Dinajpur as a specific territorial region within Bengal stretch back more than 2000 years to the age of the Mauryas and Guptas, when the ruined city at Bangarh near Gangarampur in Dakshin Dinajpur - then known as the city of Kotivarsa or Devikot in the Pundravardhana kingdom- flourished as a major trading post on the eastern fringes of their empires. Dakshin Dinajpur came into existence after the division of old West Dinajpur into North Dinajpur and South Dinajpur in April, 1992. 1398,1399/MDM/HRP: Memo No. The language is, of course, Bengali in the form of local dialect. Since the Zamindar was released on a Friday that followed Raas Purnima every Friday after the Raas Purnima, Kali Puja is celebrated in the Temple. application for the trade of fashion leather accessories design (flad) Dakshin Dinajpur, Balurghat, India. Among these victims were people belonging to the Hindus, Muslims and the Schedule Tribes. Charge(KWR) 3. A brick road has been constructed on each side of the lake. Tourism Centre: 033-2243 6440 1398,1399/MDM/HRP Date: 06/07/2020 Download the attachment for detailed information. Folk cultural artists and performers now have a forum in the District, as a sort of state level organisation. There is a famous legend associated with the Temple. The tribal population comprises about 16% in the South and nearly 6% in the North. The Rajbonshi language is spoken by the indigenous communities while settlers who had migrated from the Santal Parganas and Chhota Nagpur are commonly bilingual. During winter, large numbers of migratory Birds flock to this place. The district is drained by north-south flowing rivers like Atreyee, Purnabhaba, Tangon and Jamuna River, to give rise to a sizeable, unorganised fishing community. Dakshin Dinajpur (Bengali pronunciation: [dokkʰiɳ dinadʒpur]) or South Dinajpur is a district in the Indian state of West Bengal, India. Natua 100.00 for unreserved category and Rs. Office of the District Judge, Dakshin Dinajpur, District Recruitment Committee invites online application for 14 posts of English Stenographer (Grade-III), Lower Division Clerk, Mali and Office-Peon. The local cultivators also lent their whole-hearted support to the movement. The distance from Mahipal to Madnabati is about 30 kms. Other colleges across the district is Balurghat Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Kumarganj College, Jamini Majumder Memorial College, S.B.S Govt. As the colour of the water of this lake was black it is named as "KALDIGHI''. Songs used to be composed and tuned by the participants, who are mostly concentrated in Kushmandi and Bangshihari blocks. Khan is intermingled with dialogues. Dakshin Dinajpur (Bengali pronunciation: [dokkʰiɳ dinadʒpur]) or South Dinajpur is a district in the Indian state of West Bengal, India.It was created on 1 April 1992 by the division of the erstwhile West Dinajpur District.The Headquarter (sadar) of the district is at Balurghat. A college of agriculture has been set up under Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya at Majhian, 10 km from Balurghat. Dakshin Dinajpur. 17. Dakshin Dinajpur came into existence after the division of old West Dinajpur into North Dinajpur and South Dinajpur in April, 1992. New Secretariat Building JCCT, Bhowanipur Charge(KSR) 5. Kushmandi and Gangarampur constituencies will be reserved for SC candidates. Both districts are industrially backward and are the two least populated districts in West Bengal, though North Dinajpur does have a few industries and many small scale units. The mythological associations of Uttar Dinajpur place it astride the frontiers of the ancient territories of Anga and Pundra, as mentioned in the Mahabharata. Within 1 km of Gangarampur town, there is a big lake named "Dhal Dighi". [2], Bengali is the principal language of the district. This folk form is a unique folk culture form typical to the Dinajpur region. The heart of the city, with important administrative, cultural and entertainment hubs, is on the eastern bank of the river. The rivers, Tangon, Punarbhaba and Atreyee along with numerous lakes are sources of vast varieties of fresh water fish like Bowal, Aarh, Gagor, Tangra, Punti, Shol, Foli etc. Folk songs composed in Dinajpuri and Surjapuri Dialect. The performances take place in the open and continue from late evening to the wee hours of the morning. Under the leadership of Prof Kunja Gobinda Goswami, the excavation work was done between 1938-1941. The 3 Days SBI Special Drive was held between 17th to 19th August 2020 achievement was total 69 No. Matriculation (10th) pass candidates who looking for Government job in West Bengal can apply in the Prescribed Application on or before 03/01/2018. By Air: Nearest airport is Bagdogra near Siliguri. According to the 2011 census, 84.41% of the population spoke Bengali, 9.68% Santali, 1.31% Kurukh, 1.25% Sadri and 1.05% Kurmali as their first language. The grateful Zamindar expressed his gratitude by building a Temple, dedicated to Goddess Kali and started to worship her.

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