[56], On July 5, the Boundary Waters–Canadian derecho cut power to over 600,000 homes in Quebec with additional outages in New England and in the Upper Great Lakes region. On September 26–27, a cyber attack caused major disruptions affecting more than three million people in dozens of cities in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. (CNN)A breakdown in Pakistan's national power grid plunged the country of 212 million people into darkness on Saturday night, officials said. [233] On November 2, 600,000 Canadian homes had been reconnected, though over 200,000 still remained disconnected. [51], The 1999 Southern Brazil blackout was a widespread power outage (the largest ever at the time) that occurred in Brazil on March 11 to June 22, 1999. [240] With 1.65 million customers affected in New Jersey and 1.19 million customers affected in New York. On July 21, a major power outage cut power to homes in the United Kingdom. Many people did not get their power back on for over 10 days in some of the worst hit areas. Hours after the late Saturday outage, Energy Minister Omar Ayub said on Twitter that power was being restored in phases, starting with Islamabad. A major technical fault in Pakistan s power generation and distribution system caused a massive power outage that plunged the country into darkness overnight, the energy minister said. Abdullah Khan, spokesperson of PIA, the main airline of Pakistan said that all flight operations remain functional despite the power outage. The cause was revealed to be schoolchildren who set fire to books near power lines in Havering, East London. [32], On January 8, prisoners on a work assignment burning trash and debris at the Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah, accidentally caused a major power failure when something they were burning exploded, causing a fireball that shorted out transmission lines above them. Power was lost at around 11:30 am and restored to most areas by 11:00 pm. This followed similar outages earlier in the same month, all of which were triggered as a result of a collapsed coal silo at Eskom's Majuba Power Station, during a period when the state's power company was already experiencing severe supply strain on the national grid due to technical difficulties affecting some of its other major turbines. No cause has been reported besides bad weather. It exceeded the ice storm that occurred 19 years previous, almost to the day. [citation needed] In Canada, Hydro-Québec reported 200,000 customers losing power because of damages due to strong winds produced by the storm. There are many causes of power failures in an electricity network. Hours after the late Saturday outage, Energy Minister Omar Ayub said on Twitter that power was being restored in phases, starting with Islamabad. Power breakdowns are not uncommon in Pakistan and most major hospitals, airports and other institutions have their own generators. Incidents Requests Crews Employees Equipment Cooperatives Client Testimonials Coop Discussion Board Help Documentation. [52][53] A chain reaction was started when a lightning strike occurred at 22h 16m at an electricity substation in Bauru, São Paulo State causing most of the 440 kV circuits at the substation to trip. [241], From August 3 to August 5 Hurricane Isaias pushed through the USA from South Carolina to New England then up into Canada, causing 6.4 million customers to lose power, affecting an estimated 13.8 million people. In Rio, the military police placed 1,200 men in the streets to avoid looting. [174] While some politicians and commentators have tried to link this power failure with the state's high mix of renewable energy sources (particularly wind energy), some experts have indicated that the blackout had nothing to do with this. The power outage, popularly referred to as the "Apagón" (translated as "super outage") has been labeled as the largest in Puerto Rico not caused by an atmospheric event. Even the hospitals there have been significantly affected. It is estimated that 53 million people were affected. On May 25–August 3, the 2005 Moscow power blackouts ten-week-long power outage affected more than two million people in central Russia. From September 1–21, Iceland experienced a massive power outage. The nuclear reactors at Turkey Point power plant were shut down on the 84 °F (29 °C) day. ", "Energy markets and the implications of renewables – Deloitte Australia – Deloitte Access Economics case study, solar, wind", http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2017/03/08/90k-without-power-and-winds-sweep-metro-detroit/98899718/, "Central America hit by massive power outages – The Manila Times Online", "More than 7,000 on Hatteras and Ocracoke are without power, and a fix could take days or weeks", "Life on Hatteras Island returning to normal after power outage", http://www.elpais.com.uy/informacion/apagon-sur-ute-lluvias.html, "Three Months After Maria, Roughly Half of Puerto Ricans Still Without Power", "Puerto Rico In The Midst Of An Islandwide Blackout", "1 Million Lose Power After Fierce Storm Hits Northeast", "Monster nor'easter pummels East Coast; at least 7 dead", "Tens of millions in northern Brazil hit by massive power outage", "Power returning to Puerto Rico after massive outage caused by fallen tree", "A Tree Falls In Puerto Rico, And 840,000 Customers Lose Power", "Widespread power outage persists in Puerto Rico", "Power Reported Restored After Baku Hit With Partial Second Blackout", "Apa Itu Black Out? The full restoration was complete four hours and 42 minutes after the start of the incident. [105], On October 30 at around 8:00 am NZDT, power was cut to the whole of Northland and most of the northern half of Auckland, New Zealand, affecting 280,000 customers (14.5% of the country). At midnight, power began returning to some areas, June 22 fully power restored. The blackout was due to a frequency drop resulted from a “fault” at Guddu at 11:41 p.m.[244], On January 10, outages related to snowfall were experienced across eastern Texas, which left over 100k customers without electrical power.[245]. Many flooded areas—like Sherbrooke—were left without power even longer. [158], On November 1, Bangladesh suffered a nationwide power outage for almost 10 hours. This resulted in a blackout affecting over 50,000 households in the Tielerwaard and Bommelerwaard region in the Netherlands. Starting on August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina caused widespread power outages throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee. [159][160], On November 21, South Africa experienced rolling blackouts which were implemented nationwide, and continued for the duration of the weekend. [121], On February 22 at 12:51, a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand. The power was back in all cities in the evening. Outage Mapping. Some customers were without power for minutes, while others were without for hours.[31]. [133], On September 24, nine million people in north and central Chile were affected by the 2011 Chile blackout which lasted for at least two hours. Interior Southern New England. A disruption in the electrical transmission system from New Brunswick to Presque Isle caused a massive power outage for Versant, which led to customers on Houlton Water Company’s electrical service to also be affected. . Over 450,000 customers in total were affected. Power outages in firms in a typical month (number) from The World Bank: Data Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). [206] By March 12, power began returning to some parts of the country, but Caracas remained only partially powered and western Venezuela remained dark. South of São Paulo the consumers experienced an overfrequency, caused because they had more generation than load, mostly because Itaipu was now connected only to this sub-system, but that problem was automatically solved by all generators in the area, that reduced their loads. [204] During the month of March, Venezuela was without power for at least 10 days overall. 2016 winter storm paralyzes Lake Country Power members For the second time in 2016, Lake Country Power members faced a major weather-related outage crisis when a mid-November winter storm dropped up to two feet of snow across northern Minnesota. [210] 41% of traffic signals in the city of Dallas were affected; 496 were temporarily inoperable and 168 reverted to flashing red signals. Ini Penyebab Listrik Sulsel Padam, Kapan Pemadaman Berakhir", "SaskPower says frost-downed lines led to tripped power stations", "BC Hydro crews continue to repair damage after historic windstorm, extended outages expected", "B.C. T&TEC was able to restart the generators at Cove soon after, restoring power to the island from as early as 1 am. By 12:00 pm (PST+8) around 70 percent of its entire grid has been restored. [95], On December 26, power was lost for about 12 hours on the entire island of Oahu, Hawaii, starting at about 6:45 pm, where President-elect Barack Obama and his family were vacationing.

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