The proprietary Seamless Cover Technology and the 330 dimple design confers the ball good aerodynamics, making it a great choice for amateurs looking to improve their game. You have reached the maximum number of submissions for today. The Bridgestone Extra Soft retails … Keep in mind that the soft ionomer coating of the ball doesn't impair feel, because the ball is capable of more spin, which translates into great green-side performance. $44.99. Category Comparison: Value. The Extra Soft will be one of the balls featured on Bridgestone’s B-Fit App, a ball selection tool that turns your iPhone’s camera into a launch monitor. That’s pretty soft but the real show-stopper is the new “Reactiv” seamless urethane cover which is very adaptive. The e12 Soft is a three piece Surlin golf ball with an active acceleration mantle layer. The Extra Soft core is designed to be compressed more fully at moderate clubhead speeds and leads to a reduction in spin producing straighter shots off the tee and from the fairway. In terms of aerodynamic performance, the Bridgestone Extra Soft features Bridgestone's patented 330-dimple pattern seamless cover, for the ultimate in flight consistency. Supersoft Golf Balls. I've used the e6 exclusively for 2 years and now the e6 soft. Distance is very good. ... $44.99. It is soft, but the "soft" … Shop Nextra Health for home medical supplies at discount pricing and personal customer service. Spec: (Two) 2 Piece / Layers. The reformulated e6 is designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds seeking maximum distance on all shots. It truly is a tremendous value for recreational players.". All 3 are great for mid-to-high HCP players and all 3 … It is a three-piece construction which uses an interesting blend of urethane cover with a low compression core and that makes this model soft and playable at all levels. Click for Lowest Price. 6 Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls – Distance Golf Ball for Ladies ... Possible to achieve extra-long distances; Cons. The Srixon Soft Feel balls feature a two-piece design and a compression factor of 60. Examples: Titleist ProV1, Bridgestone Tour B330, (We respect privacy and keep all emails confidential). The end result is a long ball with increased feel and a flat ball flight on all shots, round after round. The Extra Soft features a street price of $21.99 per dozen and is available now nationwide at Golfsmith stores, with wide retail availability beginning at all Bridgestone authorized retailers October 2015. The Bridgestone Extra Soft retails for $21.90 a dozen (MSRP) and as its name suggests, it's aimed at golf players looking for longer distance and straighter ball flight, together with a superior/soft feel on all shots. There you will find variety of fittings aids: ball fitting event schedule, online ball selection guide and access to chat live online with expert Bridgestone fitting technicians. – Understanding Spin Video, Value/Recreational/Distance – Designed for mid- to high-handicap golfers with swing speeds below 90 mph; typically feature two-piece construction and firm covers; promote greater distance over high spin rates. These include: articular cartilage, ligaments, muscles and tendons. The ultra low compression of the Extra Soft golf ball … I bought a box of Extra Softs hoping I had found a bargain. Bridgestone 2019 E6 Golf Balls The NEW e6. Which compression should you choose? The Extra Soft core is designed to be compressed more fully at moderate clubhead speeds and leads to a reduction in spin producing straighter shots off the tee and from the fairway. Wilson Staff. The … Long Distance. Bridgestone Extra Soft 2016 Golf Ball Review. For more information on the current Bridgestone Golf ball line and to find the ball that fits your game, visit The Bridgestone e6 name has resonated with average golfers and their search for the right golf ball since its introduction in 2005. Equipment Spotlight: Premium brand Thomas Golf - Custom golf clubs with Shot Accuracy Technology, Drivers | Woods | Hybrids | Irons + Wedges | Putters | Chippers | Accessories | Clearance, #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW,GW,SW,LWRight Handed / Left Handed, Only $119 eachIncludes Free Pro-Fitting Service, My Account | Sitemap | Support This Site | Suggest A Tip, Golf Info Guide copyright 1998-2021, Privacy Policy, How Can I Better Judge The Wind On The Golf Course? Compression: Mid. The Extra Soft … In terms of aerodynamic performance, the Bridgestone Extra Soft features Bridgestone's patented 330-dimple pattern seamless cover, for the ultimate in flight consistency. Bridgestone Golf, the #1 ball-fitter in golf, announced today the launch of its new Extra Soft golf ball. Bridgestone Golf, Inc., based in Covington, GA, manufactures and markets premium golf balls, clubs and accessories under the Bridgestone and Precept brand names. I normally play Bridgestone B330RX. 50 Words or Less. The only difference between them is the feel. For more information on ball fitting, including a complete schedule of Ball Fitting Challenge events, visit Ligaments are tough rope-like tissue that connect bones to other bones, holding them in place a… Model Reviewed: Bridgestone Treo soft I bought this at Dicks Sporting Goods...They were on sale for $15 a dozen and I had a $10 coupon, so $10 dozen total. Our hand bones are held in place and supported by various soft tissues. … Soft Feel. I shot 79 first time using them...I … – Titleist Video So, if you're a slow swinger who requires increased/better feel and distance from your golf gear, here's another great product from Bridgestone, which was designed and built after realizing that most golf players fail to match their swing speed with the golf balls they're using, thus inhibiting the distance they can achieve. Spin: Mid. Odds are you aren’t because our data shows that 90% of golfers swing under 105mph. I would be very interested to know if there is any difference between them, or if they are the exact same ball and then why are Bridgestone renaming them?. Examples: Pinnacle Gold, Slazenger RAW Distance, Premium – Designed for low- to mid-handicap golfers with swing speeds of 90-99 mph; typically feature multi-layer construction and medium-soft covers; happy medium between Value/Recreational and Tour categories for distance and spin qualities. The Extra Soft builds off of the superb distance and feel golfers came to enjoy in the xFIXx model with an infusion of straighter ball flight and improved short-game control that can benefit all players. In recent years, manufacturers like Bridgestone and Wilson have put a major emphasis on compression, with the goal of fitting each golfer with the ball best suited to his swing speed and skills. © Bridgestone Golf. Bridgestone e12 Soft Matte Yellow Golf Balls. – Spin Video Pros of Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls. I love them. Regular Price $29.99 Special Price $24.99. 5 out of 5 stars (6) 6 product ratings - Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls, 2-Dozen White. Extra Soft Golf Balls. Bridgestone … If you're capable of swinging the golf club at elevated velocities, then lower compression balls will often feel top soft… The e6 Soft golf ball from Bridgestone is designed for low driver and long iron spin with the new Delta Dimple design for smooth, straight shots as well as optimized launch and stopping power … Bridgestone e12 SOFT Golf Balls. "We've seen increased distances off the tee resulting from the Extra Soft's core during both robot and amateur testing," said Adam Rehberg, Golf Ball Marketing, Bridgestone Golf, Inc. "For the money, you won't find a better feeling or more consistent golf ball than Extra Soft. Golf balls have varying degrees of compression … The idea is that golfers with slower swing speeds have an easier time compressing a lower-compression (softer) ball, therefore getting more distance than they can with a high-compression … Feature such as low compression, soft … Articular cartilage is a smooth material that acts as a shock absorber and cushions the ends of bones at each of the 27 joints, allowing smooth movement of the hand. The ball features a two piece construction which is a combination between an exceptionally soft ionomer coating and an extra-soft core. Bridgestone say that 75% of golfers they have fitted have a swing speed under 105 mph from tee, so the Extra Soft ball has the potential to add yards for the vast majority of players. For more information visit 79 sold. They are a bit harder than the Bridgestone E6’s at their core which accounts for some of the distance you … Callaway Golf. Find the right ball for your game with our ball fitting. Bridgestone provides three ways for golfers to find the ball that best fits their game: live fittings through the Bridgestone Ball Fitting Challenge, live online chats with ball fitting experts through its B-FIT service, and an easily accessible Online Ball Selection Guide that utilizes aggregate data from real world fittings to recommend the best ball for you. With its help, the distance increases through thrust and great initial velocity and impact. The Bridgestone Extra Soft features the PERFECT combination of soft ionomer cover and extra soft gradational core. The Bridgestone Extra Soft golf ball is focused at these golfers, and it will definitely help with improving distance on every shot, round after round. – Dimples Video – Compression Video Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls, 2-Dozen White. Editor's Note: High-Res images of all new Bridgestone equipment are available upon request. This layer allows Bridgestone to make the main soft… Bridgestone is represented on a world stage by a number of internationally famed golfers including Fred Couples, Paula Creamer, Matt Kuchar, Davis Love III, Brandt Snedeker, Hudson Swafford, Lee Trevino and Karrie Webb. Fast, … Add to Cart. The … I use the new B6 Soft and B6 Speed interchangeably, and like them both. First of all the Bridgestone Tour B RXS balls feature a compression rating of 64. Add to Cart. The low swing speed of this golf ball will help you in improving your golfing skills. Not sure where to start? The new Bridgestone e6 Speed and e6 Soft golf balls are great off the tee with improved feel and performance in the short game.. Introduction. Muscles and ligaments function to control the movement of the hand. If you are looking for straighter ball flights and longer distance with a superior soft … Titleist TruFeel Yellow Golf Balls. Buy ostomy supplies, urinary catheters, impotence, incontinence home health supplies. TaylorMade Tour Response Yellow Golf Balls. Having just been fitted for Mizuno’s new JPX850 driver, 3-wood and hybrid I knew my swing speed were right in the Bridgestone Extra Soft ball range at 100.5 mph – with the majority of golfers swinging the club at speeds of less thank 105 mph – Bridgestone have designed their ball so it can achieve maximum compression … Video - by Peter Finch, Resist The Distance Obsession Golf Swing Tip Video - by Pete Styles, Golf Swing Golf Tips - All Time Top Tips - Keep Your Eye On The Ball Video - by Peter Finch, Click Here for a Free Professional Fitting for Custom Clubs.

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