} I’m currently a junior and always knew that I wanted a creative career – I just didn’t know what it could be. .table tbody > tr > .yellow The minimum eligibility to apply for the SMU BBA program is 10+2. Guidelines for Windows Phone App Development Principles of Instructional Design (5th edition). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Manhattan, KS: The IDEA Center. In-text citations (author, date) appear in parentheses at the end of a sentence before the period. color: #997d4e; Graduate Programmes Office, Level 4 50 Stamford Road, Singapore 178899. Schuell, T.J. (1986). Click on the Style and Grammar Guidelines drop down menu for detailed notes and examples of citations, references, formatting, and grammar. Join us at the upcoming events. transition: all 0.2s ease-in; .emphasis .emphasis .glyphicon ), Handbook of research for educational communications and technology (2nd ed., pp. All students, including those with disabilities or constraints, have a fair chance of achieving them. Examining social presence in online courses in relation to students' perceived learning and satisfaction. 100 Percent (Formerly known as Final Tracings) iv. Thus, research funding should be spent properly in accordance with related acts, codes, and regulations. Your list of prioritized learning objectives will help you make decisions on the spot and adjust your lesson plan as needed. The process of reflection starts with the student thinking about what they already know and have experienced in relation to the topic being explored/learnt. 3-Point Goals: 8-22, .364 (Barry 5-7, Perry 1-2, Ademokoya 1-4, Moorman 1-6, Williams 0-1, Dunn 0-2). Assessments (e.g., tests, papers, problem sets, performances) provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and practice the knowledge and skills articulated in the learning objectives, and for instructors to offer targeted feedback that can guide further learning. SMU ACADEMY POLICIES AND GUIDELINES ON COURSE MANAGEMENT AND RELATED ISSUES (WITH EFFECT FROM 1 JAN 2018) ... SMU Academy reserves the right to schedule the assessment for each module/programme. The objective is to quickly grab student attention and interest in the topic, Utilize technologies such as clickers, and surveys to ask leading questions prior to lecture, survey opinion, or gain a response to a controversial question, Include learning objectives in lecture slides, the syllabus, and in instructions for activities, projects and papers, Describe criteria for standard performance. Explore the guidelines for a combination of best practices, and rules to keep in mind. You may refer to an example of a 3 hour lesson plan here. Lesson closure is useful for both instructors and students. } SMU was one of the first universities in the Southwest to adopt this concept of practical education. border-radius: 3px; .table tbody > tr > .blue Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 7th Edition, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th Edition, arts management and arts entrepreneurship, corporate communication and public affairs, engineering management information and systems. Singapore Management University, 178901, Email: cte [at] smu.edu.sg The Humidex Based Heat Response Guidelines are based on the worker wearing clothing that makes it easy for sweat to evaporate. Decades ago, assessment centers (Acs) originated by applying the best available evidence and theory to the assessment of managerial performance dimensions. opacity: 0; GUIDELINES Overview The Incubator@SMU is a dedicated business workspace in the Expressway Tower, 6116 North Central Expressway Suite 700. Some questions to think about as you design the learning activities you will use are: Many activities can be used to engage learners. .table tbody > tr > .gray Planning for assessment allows you to find out whether your students are learning. { background-color: rgba(0, 70, 127,0.1); border: 1px solid rgba(0, 70, 127,0.5); { Integrated course design. transition: all 0.2s ease-out; { .level1 The SMU student section experienced an early exit during Saturday’s game against Memphis, according to Sam Blum of the Dallas Morning News.. Police reportedly kicked out the entire section early in the first half after a large crowd of students congregated near the end zone. } .table tbody > tr > .red Online Critical Dates AY2018 onwards; Past Critical Dates; Current or Future; Archived Identifying successful and less successful organization of class time and activities would make it easier to adjust to the contingencies of the classroom. } background-color: #d9edf7; a. A successful lesson plan addresses and integrates three key components: A lesson plan provides you with a general outline of your teaching goals, learning objectives, and means to accomplish them, and is by no means exhaustive. 70 Stamford Road What are some guidelines for table and listings for mobile apps? Percentages: FG .393, FT .667. Here are some strategies for creating a realistic timeline: Lesson closure provides an opportunity to solidify student learning. It is important that each learning activity in the lesson must be (1) aligned to the lesson’s learning objectives, (2) meaningfully engage students in active, constructive, authentic, and collaborative ways, and (3) useful where the student is able to take what they have learnt from engaging with the activity and use it in another context, or for another purpose. Ensure that user can reach any page in 3 clicks or less Provide consistent styles and effects for default, with data, overflowing, hover, disabled, error, success, and loading states multiple-choice, short-structured, essay etc. { } } Build in time for extended explanation or discussion, but also be prepared to move on quickly to different applications or problems, and to identify strategies that check for understanding. { The Technical Club asked SMU to include the Cooperative Education Program in the original design of the school. Send us a message. This document is created as part of the SMU Branding Architecture. a) … .learn-more:hover .glyphicon, .learn-more:focus .glyphicon, .emphasis:hover .glyphicon,.emphasis:focus .glyphicon Located in Fondren, Hamon, and Business Library. UI Guidelines for BlackBerry 6.0 Smartphones or the PDF version (PDF 9.2MB, pp. .table tbody > tr > th, .table tbody > tr > td The APA recently released the 7th edition of the manual. { } Utilise a variety of assessment methods including exams/quizzes, written assignments, projects, and so on. When you prepare your lesson plan, next to each activity indicate how much time you expect it will take. Can be demonstrated in a tangible way; are assessable; achievement and quality of achievement can be observed. } Before you plan your lesson, you will first need to identify the learning objectives for the lesson. New SMU-Duke-NUS Medicine Pathway. Create the following document sets per structure: i. PGD ii. SMU LKCSB Virtual Masterclass & Information Session. What will I do to illustrate the topic in a different way? A productive lesson is not one in which everything goes exactly as planned, but one in which both students and instructor learn from each other. Editing the document title of a PDF file; Mobile Application Development and Hosting (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) What are the recommended navigation patterns for mobile applications in SMU? APA document format, in-text citation format, and reference list citation format from the Purdue writing center. .table tbody > tr > .purple EDUCAUSE (2005). APA Style is not just how you cite your sources, but writing style and formatting as well. JOIN US APPLY HERE! Students are more likely to retain information presented in these ways if they are asked to interact with the material in some way. A References page at the end of the document has full citations in alphabetical order formatted with a hanging indent. Both the tutorial “Basics of 7th ed APA style” and the webinar “Creating References Using Seventh Edition APA Style” are very helpful. Cognitive conceptions of learning. margin-left: 14px; { To find out more about scaffolding student learning, click here. SMU Guidelines on Taking Photograph (Must be a recent photograph for SMU Official Records and SMU Student Identification Card) Photograph will be printed in student ID card that will last for the duration you are in SMU. .table tbody > tr > th If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. It involves making decisions about: To learn more about designing assessment, click here. SMU is pleased to collaborate with Duke-NUS Medical School to offer a new SMU-Duke-NUS Medicine Pathway. SMU Structures SharePoint Guidelines 7 Document Sets 1) In order to organize the Str ucture Design Library, utilize document sets instead of folders as you can assign METADATA to document sets. SMU Bridge Program SharePoint Guidelines 10 | SMU Bridge Program – SharePoint – Roadway Discipline 4) Once a Milestone is complete, place a Final version of that Milestone’s plans and design … border: 1px solid rgba(0, 70, 127,0.1); } This site aims to be a reference and a tool for designing, building, and leading SMU-related projects. width: 0px; Having a carefully constructed lesson plan for each 3-hour lesson allows you to enter the classroom with more confidence and maximizes your chance of having a meaningful learning experience with your students. .bib li the number and type of assessment tasks that will best enable students to demonstrate learning objectives for the lesson, the criteria and standards that will be used to make assessment judgements, the weighting of individual assessment tasks and the method by which individual task judgements will be combined into a final grade for the course, information about how various tasks are to be weighted and combined into an overall grade must be provided to students, giving feedback to students on how to improve their learning, as well as giving feedback to instructors how to refine their teaching, Present a story or a problem to be solved, Utilize ice breaker activities, current news and events, case studies, YouTube videos, and so on. What will students need to do to help them understand the topic better? Gagne, R. M., Wager, W.W., Golas, K. C. & Keller, J. M (2005). Your students will find your closure helpful for: There are several ways in which you can put a closure to the lesson: Letting your students know what they will be learning and doing in class will help keep them more engaged and on track. The SMU Web Guidelines serve to inform and guide SMU internal (corporate and academic units) and external stakeholders (vendors, agencies, copywriters) on the process of website development, redesign and management on the SMU domain (smu.edu.sg). Bloom's Revised Taxonomy can be used to help sequence the lesson by helping you chunk them into levels of difficulty. 447) BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm/Hewlett Packard (webOS), Sony Ericsson, and Others. American Psychological Association (APA) citation style is most commonly used in the social sciences, as well as other areas in which currency is important. Resources. Recall events from previous lecture, integrate results of activities into the current topic, and/or relate previous information to the current topic, Ask students about their understanding of previous concepts, Sequence and chunk the information to avoid cognitive overload, Blend the information to aid in information recall. { transition: all 0.2s ease-out; For formats, guidelines and examples online, visit the Purdue OWL APA Formatting & Style Guide. transition: all 0.2s ease-in; Gredler, M. E. (2004). .emphasis:hover, .emphasis:focus The APA Style Blog is a great place to search. In D. H. Jonassen (Ed. color: #0000ff; Provide opportunities for students to relate course work to their personal experiences, Estimate how much time each of the activities will take, then plan some extra time for each, When you prepare your lesson plan, next to each activity indicate how much time you expect it will take, Plan a few minutes at the end of class to answer any remaining questions and to sum up key points, Plan an extra activity or discussion question in case you have time left, Be flexible – be ready to adjust your lesson plan to students’ needs and focus on what seems to be more productive rather than sticking to your original plan, Check for student understanding and inform subsequent instruction (adjust your teaching accordingly), Summarizing, reviewing, and demonstrating their understanding of major points, Consolidating and internalising key information, Linking lesson ideas to a conceptual framework and/or previously-learned knowledge, state the main points yourself (“Today we talked about…”), ask all students to write down on a piece of paper what they think were the main points of the lesson. Review of Educational Research, 56, 411-436. background-color: #CECECE; what the student is doing) and their examples provided below are by no means an exhaustive list, but will help you in thinking through how best to design and deliver high impact learning experiences for your students in a typical lesson. Our team consists of experienced and qualified professors (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS & MBAs) having 10+ years of experience. Then, you can design appropriate learning activities and develop strategies to obtain feedback on student learning. border: 1px solid:#333; What are some relevant real-life examples, analogies, or situations that can help students understand the topic? Halftime_SMU 37-34. .table tbody > tr > .green Guidelines for Windows Runtime Apps (Windows and Windows Phone) or the PDF version (PDF 9.7MB, pp. Admission Guidelines for International Students ... Wechat, QQ, etc. A lesson plan is the instructor’s road map of what students need to learn and how it will be done effectively during the class time. font-size: 90%; Check for conformance with form guidelines (avoid reset button, provide inline validation, etc.) SMU Guildhall is a graduate video game development program located at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Plano campus. topics). Can be achieved within the given period and sufficient resources are available. 20 Jan 2021. The BBA program at Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) is a credit-based course. .learn-more .glyphicon, .emphasis .glyphicon Take a few minutes after each class to reflect on what worked well and why, and what you could have done differently. background-color: #c4e3f3; APA does not license libraries to purchase an online edition of the Publication Manual, but electronic versions are available for purchase through these sites. > NRF funding comes from public funds which are taken out of tax revenue. Always check with your professor for which edition to use and any specific citation requirements. } } background-color: #C8CFE8; Games and simulations and their relationships to learning. Listed below are 6 steps for preparing your lesson plan before your class. Provide instructional support as needed – as scaffolds (cues, hints, prompts) which can be removed after the student learns the task or content, Model varied learning strategies – mnemonics, concept mapping, role playing, visualizing, Allow students to apply knowledge in group or individual activities, Ask deep-learning questions, make reference to what students already know or have students collaborate with their peers, Ask students to recite, revisit, or reiterate information they have learned, Facilitate student elaborations – ask students to elaborate or explain details and provide more complexity to their responses, Consider using group / class level feedback (highlighting common errors, give examples or models of target performance, show students what you do not want), Require students to specify how they used feedback in subsequent works. a { When planning learning activities you should consider the types of activities students will need to engage in, in order to develop the skills and knowledge required to demonstrate effective learning in the course. Typically, it is written in a language that is easily understood by students and clearly related to the program learning outcomes. The space provides a collaborative environment ideal for interaction with customers, Help students make sense of new information by relating it to something they already know or something they have already experienced. This is followed by analysis of why the student thinks about the topic in the way they do, and what assumptions, attitudes and beliefs they have about, and bring to learning about the topic. Design Guidelines . margin-left: 0px; Classes that meet at the same time during a particular period will have a common assessment time. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The table below contains the characteristics of clear learning objectives: The Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (link) is a useful resource for crafting learning objectives that are demonstrable and measurable. background-color: #dff0d8; Most references follow the format: author, date, title, source. { 29) Click on link here for tips and techniques to facilitate an interactive lesson. How learning works: 7 research-based principles for smart teaching. margin-top: 7.5px; opacity: 1; #step4 } ), and the Office of Internatinal Affairs (oia.smu.ac.kr). As you plan your learning activities, estimate how much time you will spend on each. weekly after each lesson), Assessment to check for student understanding. If a reference isn't cited in your paper, it shouldn't be included in your reference list. } This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Web content guidelines. California: Wadsworth. { { Providing a meaningful organisation of the class time can help students not only remember better, but also follow your presentation and understand the rationale behind the planned learning activities. The incubator exists to encourage and facilitate the formation and growth of new ventures by SMU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Always check with your professor for which edition to use and any specific citation requirements. You should start using the logo on all internal and external SMU communications from 1 January 2015 until 30 December 2015. Problem/task is presented to students where they are asked to provide the answer; may be timed or untimed, Convey concepts verbally, often with visual aids (e.g. } { /*-->*/. padding-top: 15px; background-color: #f2dede; background-color: #fcf8e3; 571-82). Robert Gagne proposed a nine-step process called the events of instruction, which is useful for planning the sequence of your lesson. Retrieved April 7 2017, from EDUCAUSE website: Fink, D. L. (2005). .emphasis a The guidelines assume regular summer clothes, including light shirt and pants, underwear and shoes. With its pillars of Financial Services, Human Capital, Leadership & Management and Technology & Intelligent Systems, it leverages SMU's reputation and linkages to prepare our A learning objective describes what the learner will know or be able to do after the learning experience rather than what the learner will be exposed to during the instruction (i.e. Consider the broader goals - i.e. All Rights Reserved, https://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/NLI0547B.pdf, http://ideaedu.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Idea_Paper_42.pdf, SMU Pedagogical Framework & Graduate Learning Outcomes, Supporting Instructors in Online Teaching and Learning, Reviewing Teaching Using Student Feedback, Teaching and Learning Productivity Through Technology, Conducting a Class (Interactive Delivery). 4. course, program and institutional goals. Learning activities should be directly related to the learning objectives of the course, and provide experiences that will enable students to engage in, practice, and gain feedback on specific progress towards those objectives. A list of ten learning objectives is not realistic, so narrow down your list to the two or three key concepts, ideas, or skills you want students to learn in the lesson. padding-left: 1em; font-size: 125%; 107) BlackBerry Browser Content Design Guidelines (PDF 356KB, pp. Using Gagne’s 9 events in conjunction with Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (link) aids in designing engaging and meaningful instruction. Retrieved from. For a copy of the most recent version of the Design Guidelines contact Office of Facilities Planning and Management. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Singapore Management University Lee Kong Chian School of Business. } Describe the essential (rather than trivial) learning in the course which a student must achieve. { Planning Learning Activities (University of Tasmania),