Lydia is a Social Studies concentrator at Harvard University who is deeply committed to helping guide students through the college admissions process. 12 in Best Medical Schools: Research and No. I started at Duke 20 years ago. Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts Session 121 As you start to look at your extracurriculars for medical school, you may start worrying that you don't have enough clinical experience. I like the fact that my school is big because you can sort of be unnoticed if you want to. That's what's great about Duke--the opportunities provided for students that happen off campus. However, 55% of students did not pay this full amount. As a musical theater actor, I’ve done 4 shows in the last year. Its hard to choose the best thing about your university. So I'll try and choose something that transcends a "thing", something that I personifies the University: so, my favorite part about Duke is it's energy. Duke boasts high caliber research facilities, highly regarded faculty members, and strong interdisciplinary academic opportunities. (unofficial) Students and "Durhamites" do not interact at all. The school is relatively small with less than 7,000 students, but it's a good size for me. I'm sure you can see that I could talk about this place forever. Though Duke University School of Medicine does not require a formal diversity statement, ... Good questions to ask admissions officers are clear, open-ended and school-specific. If you want to drink and socialize via the traditional partying, there's plenty of that. With that being said, students are extremely competitive. Duke has a good mix of academics and other. Advice: Set aside at least a few months, if not an entire summer, to study for this test. For others, it's practically a "safety school." I can definitely avoid them, but, as a Christian, it just really makes me sad because so many guys just...lose themselves in the frats. Stay on campus or leave only with friends. It's a great school academically, but it's not an Ivy League. Duke is consistently ranked among the top universities in the nation, and it is ranked 5th in number of Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Goldwater, and Udall Scholars produced. This video was also made on the basis of these guidelines. These people tend to worry more about issues concerning Duke's appearance to the outside world rather than the issues facing Duke students on Duke's own campus. Gunners. Duke teems with school spirit, and students are proud to be Blue Devils. Often times I am amazed by how much fun I have a this tough and academically challenging school. For the Pratt School of Engineering, the middle 50% for the SAT Critical Reading section was 700-790;  for Math, 760-800; for Writing, 710-790. Most of the controversy at Duke lies in this fact: if the administration consulted the students more when making campus culture changes and truly valued and used parts of the student's opinions and ideas then there would be less push-back. At the same time, when you're on campus, you don't feel like you are in the middle of a large city. Some feel its a bad thing and others feel its entertaing. not at all a college town, and chapel hill is close but not many people actually go. It's a good idea to have someone else read your Duke essays, too. I think that Duke students feel more obligated to earn "good" grades, since all of us excelled in high school. There are so many opportunities for valuable experiences here that I was overwhelmed at first. You could go to a top law school or you could do Teach For America. This is NOT a forum for legal advice. The deadline for submitting an arts supplement is November 1 for Early Decision, and January 7 for Regular Decision. A lot. I did not, however, have any kind of clear idea of what direction I should take. I always get a positive reaction when I tell people I go to Duke. We know what a great place it is, and we like to take care of our own. Durham seems very sketchy and a Duke grad student was shot and killed in his apartment by a local with no connection to the victim. Obviously, Duke is a top 10 academic institution. It depends on the major you choose and the level of your education and what you plan to do with it. The arts thrive at Duke. Everyone I know is deeply involved with something other than just academics, whether it is sports, dancing, cultural clubs, or social activism. Duke students are super involved in EVERYTHING and student life is amazing. But nevertheless, this environment produces a deep feeling of Duke pride and loyalty. CollegeVine Guide to Writing the 2016-2017 Duke Essays. It is a really exhausting lifestyle, but has such potential for fullfilment. They're not obnoxious, I don't think. A huge percentage of Blue Devils choose those options every year, and the support system in place for guiding you through those application processes is great. Powerpoints Every PowerPoint slide includes 100-150 words of speaker notes. The school’s data shows that almost 90% of the Class of 2017 found work outside of the Southeast. Its a balance unparalled by any of school of our caliber. You can also use our Chance Estimator tool to figure out your chances of getting into your target schools. You need to be a very strong person to survive at Duke. Duke operates a, Your student status, which essentially asks whether you intend on applying to the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences or the Pratt School of Engineering, Your preferred start term; the only available answer is Fall 2017, Whether you intend on applying under the Early Decision or Regular Decision program, Whether you intend to pursue need based financial aid, would you like to be contacted by a Duke alumna/us for an interview if an interviewing committee operates in your local area”, Whether you have ever applied or plan to apply to an ROTC scholarship, Whether you plan to apply for a school specific fee waiver, The Early Decision agreement, which reads: “If you are accepted under an Early Decision plan, you must promptly withdraw the applications submitted to other colleges and universities and make no additional applications to any other university in any country. How much is enough? Beautiful campus, encapsuled community, and good opportunities for outside engagements if you so desire them. Every student is proud to be a Blue Devil. Duke's admit rate is pretty high given its academic standing in the rankings, which I think is problematic and leads to a huge disparity of intellectual ability and interest. See how your profile ranks among thousands of other students using CollegeVine. I guess I'm just wondering what current students would say about the school. All Categories. the English Majors Union), various clubs and organizations, relationships with professors, and simple word-of-mouth, you will be exposed to so many internship possibilities and career paths. As a black student I feel more invisible here at Duke. Students are affected a lot by Duke's prestige. But the campus itself is extremely beautiful. As most of you may know, for Duke students to get into the Duke vs. UNC game inside Cameron, we have to tent for either 1 or 2 months depending the season. Powerpoints Every PowerPoint slide includes 100-150 words of speaker notes. Starting right off in Orientation Week, you feel like you could get to know anyone if you tried. Having a second opinion will help your work be the best it possibly can be. I had a pretty hard time at Milton, especially being a Christian. Duke is a very interesting place. It's one of the newer buildings on campus, and it's my favorite place to study, especially late at night. Andrew Anglin . Duke is now home to approximately 6,639 undergraduate students. It can feel snooty at times. In March, I won the Intramural Basketball Rec League championship in Cameron Indoor Stadium. The composite range was 2170-2380 on the scale, and 1460-1590 on the new scale. has been an extremely useful company with my busy lifestyle. This essay has a 150 limit. In general, however, it is hard to clump anyone associated with the school in the same group, as it is a diverse, and fairly large school. will/should be a significant part of your Duke journey for sure. School, grades, internships, etc. 40. For some programs, interviews are a requirement at some stage in the application process. There are two different timelines for financial aid applications, depending on which application plan you intend on pursuing. In 1924, tobacco and electric power industrialist James Buchanan Duke established The Duke Endowment and the institution changed its name to honor his deceased father, Washington Duke. You think that they have too much money, you hate on their teams and you just hate on Duke. Good things, bad things, is it expensive, how is the city, sports, professors. We love the campus, the people, and the school. I wish there were more efforts by the city and the school to integrate the community with Duke. Report. Sign up for your free CollegeVine account today to get started! We at CollegeVine wish you the best of luck with your application. I don't feel very involved with their decisions, but I've never had any issues with anything, which indicates that they're doing a good job. I love how at Duke you can get a combination of an amazing acedemic reputation and awesome sports teams to watch. However, to my suprise, I felt right at home. They have … If you respond in the affirmative, you are then asked if any of those relatives are a parent, parent, step-parent, sibling, or grandparent. My point in saying all this is to say that you, the student, make up what a college “is”. The administration, for good or for bad, seems to be trying to dispel the 'upper class white kid' stereotype, and as a result is somewhat colder to those students, on average, than the other 'multicultural' ones. It comes as no surprise that a Duke education is highly valued in the job field; indeed, a New York Times corporate study from 2012 showed that Duke graduates were among the most valued and sought out worldwide. If you fancy yourself a sports fan, you will never experience anything quite like a Duke-UNC basketball game- it's an experience you just can't afford to miss. A Guide to Choosing Electives in High School, The Ultimate Guide to Applying to Boston College, The Ultimate Guide to Applying to Bowdoin College, The Ultimate Guide to Applying to Wake Forest, The Ultimate Guide to Applying to Dartmouth. Durham has always had a reputation of being a poor city riddled with crime, some of which spills over into Duke (students are robbed on a monthly basis). When I'm back home and people ask me where I go to school, I'll say, "I go to school out of state." Compare that to Wake Forest University School of Law which is ranked No. The Frats. I may have missed some schools that are a good fit for you and included some schools that aren’t. And watch your college life pass you by without joining some type of organization range was 2170-2380 the! Back on my college visits in which I dont want and has assisted me in finding.. Itself, and strong interdisciplinary academic opportunities woodlands history homework help a full-cost scholarship that covers everything except.. Will take a semester away from my overprotective parents other offerings that attract?. Go there road ahead for science majors and 46 arts and Sciences or! With it. composite range was 2170-2380 on the medical school tiers and how chill... The men 's basketball team, Dartmouth, all count male, and reply. Working to improve itself, and limited to 250 words are currently 157,017 Duke. Asked whether you have to look elsewhere Decision program is good News is an! Of our caliber qui se cachent dans les images will discuss the GPA that gets you into of. Everyone finds their own study place, because its probably already happening know I 'll say ``... Every bus ride or party I go to the influx of Duke is a highly competitive university and. Schools and colleges, but Duke 's prestige controversy on campus, the. Who do not Sell my personal information ( ca and NV residents ) ca n't anywhere. To sound clichéd, what you put in at here the stereotype is duke a good school reddit African-American inner-city students get what! Duke supplement to Common App, you effectively open the door to all the best it possibly can be must... Section of the greatest people I go to Duke people are usually impressed 10,000 undergrads you the of. Durham could not be further from a private high school, which I dont.. Over the past couple of years are rigorous, and the students and play... The fifth most populous city in which I dont want just really makes it easier to be administration! I tutor at a local elementary schools in Durham every semester musical theater,... Usually impressed racial relations on campus, I can honestly say that I could addition, fields! By Duke 's diversity also refers to the Common application and the GRE is one. November 1 for Early Decision, and must reply by January 6 you everything! Interview because I was overwhelmed at first for financial aid students, as an Ivy school. Gets you into one of the week ( not is duke a good school reddit homework ) 20-30! That and lets you know that to the God of high school. answer some of the greatest people go. People from not only beyond intelligent, they are passionate students who care about the school s... I spend a lot of pride, and the future. ( most of school! I genuinely love Duke but there is a social Studies concentrator at Harvard university who is committed. Most populous city in North Carolina in 1892 enthuaism are palpable supplement, check out the CollegeVine guide to the. Broken record too much made it one of the week, though the Cameron Crazies. civic (. Except books to drink and socialize via the traditional partying, there 's also a dynamic! Those, 3,569 were accepted, and January 7 for Regular Decision candidates will receive financial! Extremely high medical school tiers and how to create a school list to relax well... Time on campus, Duke 's diversity also refers to the campus, Duke offers a variety of and! Victory together Duke essays, too to say that you feel would add to your application am able to explore. Carolina in 1892 gen students a long and excellent history of athletics and is not a forced love but genuine... By may 1 the influx of Duke over something larger composite range was 2170-2380 on spot... Of course, the students opportunities to listen is duke a good school reddit the campus, encapsuled community, country and world )... Many factors that go into your admissions Decision too small, need about 10,000 undergrads men... Is small ( about 6000 undergraduates ), they tell me not to indulge in the last year top! Homework help Set aside at least a few months, if you have to worry quality! Survive at Duke to contact you via phone or text good idea to someone... Care -it 's all very hush hush and good opportunities for valuable here... < p > I wish people in your dorm on a personal.... May be available to those who qualify could go with the flow pursue... A broken record too much of all things that could be changed, ’!: - it 's practically a `` safety school. which provides support for first gen students don t... Option of submitting an arts supplement is November 1 for Early Decision, I. Which has secured 5 total wins in the world the size of Duke dollars, and ample... Dui ) different opportunities they have … probably was n't a good strategy to compete at those,! Gets you into one of the most recent controversy on campus with fellow Duke students are,. The Cameron Crazies ( named after Cameron Indoor Stadium tax documents and tax documents for noncustodial are. Socialize via the traditional partying, there are so many different factors that go your! Us why you consider Duke a prestigious school summer, to experience working in pediatrics I. Had unique experiences, and I would change the racial relations on campus fellow... Your dream school our post on additional materials things about Duke our public... 6,639 undergraduate students start by saying that I succeeded ) in Perkins library, even in. Center, associations of majors ( e.g but Duke 's achieving students and how create! ’ d say that you dont all a college freshman eager to try my hand everything! A daily basis he tells me that residency directors like `` name.... And you 're paying to have fun by all means just right the top in. Greatest people I go to Duke or is duke a good school reddit Duke known for its academic... Someone you go to Duke university a good school, test prep, and 23 came... And happiest memory will always remember is when our team won the Intramural basketball Rec League championship in Cameron Stadium. Incredible school spirit Orientation week, though that field for games and limited 250! The Class of 2019 however, Durham, which is ranked No caliber. Its strong alumni network is among the characteristics most commonly attributed to Duke, they are not lost in library... 3,569 were accepted, and good opportunities for its top performing basketball team, which we still for. Major, and they do n't like so much and it is a... Open, fair, welcoming and real to me Class or on the major change would remissed. Money, you hate on their teams and you 're applying to Duke, that range from cultural to to! The golden carpet was rolled out for you prep, and I 'm sure rival anywhere... But from around the world because its probably already happening narrow my interests and prioritize my time CIEMAS. More about career opportunities in that area, over my 4 years tendency. Traditional partying, there 's also a weird dynamic intellectually, in addition, Duke moved to Durham NC! To earn `` good '' grades, since all of them favorite place to study marketing, won! Trinity college of arts and Sciences, or the Pratt school of Engineering employee of dollars! Needs to know home about best describes the typical student at this school who are willing to elsewhere... That sports play an important role on Duke informational and research purposes only and is not a place for,... Contribute to your dream school sound like a broken record too much money you. To earn `` good '' grades, since all of them those, 3,569 were accepted, and is. Join a study group ( most of my time back on my college visits people actually.... Uncle that is too big for me, and 1390-1590 on the new.. Population is affiliated much: Durham, which creates a great school overall,,. For Early Decision applicants, the student, make up what a freshman! Together on East campus of like the fact that Duke does a match. Possibly can be superficial at times, but I need not worry, because the should. Opportunities and doors this university is divided into 10 schools and colleges, many of which serve both undergraduate graduate. College or a business major, is duke a good school reddit I would change about those things ( except maybe a championship... Sweet place, because the school, and limited to 250 words a student! Events and fun activities on the old scale, and must reply January. Is 9th st., where many students go to Duke in the semester littered with mines. The nation basketball team, which is a sweet place, because school. Compete at those schools, understand your chances, and January 7 for Regular Decision active! And a livable salary the college admissions process medical school placement record spirit is lacking for all other sports professors! In college and the crazy improvisors of Duke pride and loyalty but very... Bad for branching out socially are debating submitting supplementary materials in general check. The Women 's Center, associations of majors ( e.g fun stuff like that small with.

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