You need to duck, weave, and dodge to avoid them all. But this fight in particular is just strange. The second fiddle whips out warbling synthwave in a one-on-one showdown. Katagawa Ball is Level 18. But the Borderlands 3 bosses aren’t better than that. Borderlands 3 is not a very polished game. While the fight with Katagawa Ball may make learning how to beat Mouthpiece in Borderlands 3 look extremely easy by comparison, it is certainly possible to … Katagawa Jr. is a Level 21 boss fight and does look rather silly in his fake Zer0 outfit. Besides losing the loot, it also undercuts pretty much the best battle of the game. The vast majority of what Troy dropped — cash, Eridium, guns, and ammo — was lost to the ether. It won’t be a surprisingly solid moment in a so-so game. That didn’t “save” my loot. To its credit, developer Gearbox Software has been addressing the various glitches, bugs, and balance issues with hotfixes. There are some things you can do to make this fight easier. Borderlands 3 players fall through the floor left and right after their battle with Troy. I documented my fall from grace on Twitter. If you manage to hit him at the very beginning of the fight when he and all of his clones are in one spot there can be a bit of a feedback loop that will shred through his shields and a good amount of his health (on Amara it can even one-shot him on Mayhem 4). Bug in the Katagawa Jr. Boss fight? Katagawa Jr. When I stand still I get a damage bonus. Handsome Jack did the same things in Borderlands 2 — like, the exact same things — but Gearbox was at least more committed to making him seem truly vile. Borderlands 3 Katagawa Jr. Boss Fight Guide Defeat the leader of Maliwan's forces By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Sep 2019. That’s why it was a real shame when the whole world fell out from under me. The clone phase is wonky at times. Thinks cute things are good, actually. About 1-2 per fight. Playing as FL4K, a robot beastmaster that regenerates health as they move, this was perfect for me. See, whenever I deal damage as FL4K, I also heal their accompanying animal friend. Katagawa Ball’s First Phase. - Page 2. Katagawa Jr has two different attack styles - sniping from the towers above or meleeing with his katana. Two last things I want to point out. Borderlands 3 Katagawa Jr Location: Find Katagawa Jr As part of the Atlas, At Last quest, you're going to be tasked with taking out forces in the Meridian Metroplex. If it doesn’t take all of his health down, then it will take at least 3/4 of it down and he will go down with one more shield break. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Katagawa Jr. Fight Incredibly Inconsistent. Collect as much ammunition as possible before jumping into the secret passage shown in the screenshot above. Which makes me happy. The constant motion, forcing me to actually think about where I stood, balancing damage with defense: the Troy Calypso fight is everything I want to see in a Borderlands 3 boss. Firstly, in the beginning of the fight when he spawns his clones near the entrance of the arena, I will find the real Katagawa, shoot him, and sometimes he will lose a good quarter of his health when I kill his shield. The disadvantage of farming him though instead of Graveward is getting to Katagawa when you first start farming him and the fact that there is no vending machines before the fight itself when you quit and load back up. Disclaimer: I’m not saying inconsistent boss fights are bad, they add unpredictability to the game and can make boss fights seem less tedious especially when farming. It’s not just this boss, either. I very much recommend you get yourself a Brain Stormer (which ironically drops from Katagawa Ball). I don’t even know if they were guns Troy dropped, or other items I left before the battle. I killed Troy; the cutscene played; I fell through the world. You fight Katagawa Jr. at the end of Atlas At Last main mission. This usually knocks out about half of his shield, although sometimes it does nothing at all. I shoot the generator and turns out that was the real Katagawa and I look at his healthbar, it just emptied. But it’s how inconsistent it can be that’s annoying. The way the health mechanics work do not make any sense and are not consistent at all. You can definitely one shot Katagawa Jr. with the right weapon, but the fight can also be annoying if you have trouble killing him. This is just my most potent example. But this fight in particular is just strange. Katagawa Ball tends to dart across the room so if you can lure him to the raised section where you start the fight, you can then hop down to the lower part … The Borderlands 3 Boss That Deserved Better Than a Glitch. Even so, the battle against Troy Calypso near the end of the game is the highlight of Borderlands 3. But I’ll know what to expect and how to deal with it. 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By the time I reach it again — if I reach it again — on True Vault Hunter Mode, or another character, the egregious glitch might be fixed. They’re like Handsome Jack divided in two, and less than the sum of their parts. The more I moved, the more I could recover lost vitality. For Borderlands 3 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Katagawa Jr. vs Graveward" - Page 2. If this feature of the fight where the game gives you a good head start if you find the real Katagawa in the beginning is intentional, then I’d suggest nerf it so he doesn’t lose literally 1/4th of his hp, but make it consistent. The second thing is also more nitpicky, but at times in the fight, the boss health and shield bar at the top won’t match the health and shield bar when I look at the real Katagawa. You can make the clones disappear by attacking them or by attacking the real Katagawa Jr. To determine which is the real one, attack and check if the bar on the top of the screen also drains. That’s where I learned I’m not the only one with this problem. The pet A.I. It will just be another stone on a long grind that’s repetitive by design. The idea of the phase isn’t my issue, I actually think it’s an interesting way to end off the fight, Katagawa’s Last Stand. For example, with Amara I can start out the fight by immediately Phaseslamming him when I enter the arena. Texture pop-in, a poor frame rate, menus that take multiple seconds to tab between: all these Borderlands 3 glitches add up. Katagawa is supposed to do a slamming animation when he goes to one of the generators to make his 3 clones. Katagawa is fairly annoying. This can make the fight quicker sometimes which is good, but I just dislike why it only happens sometimes. [Spoilers for the Borderlands 3 main story to follow.]. Generators: It’s a little more earnest — a little less poop joke-y. However, the updates weren’t quick enough to save my favorite moment in the game so far. Before you start the laser, try to collect ammunition from the surrounding boxes. bvhjdbvkjf.unhacked (Just a random Casual) October 3, 2019, 5:27pm #2. It will be very useful when fighting the boss. Katagawa Jr Location Borderlands 3 Boss location video. I am fully aware of the Mayhem mods and do take them into account when I write this. Also I have been farming him on Normal Mode Mayhem 3 with Zane using a radiation Loaded Dice Relic, and a radiation Crossroad smg. Boss fights have admittedly never been the series’ strong suit, either. Already right here, I find that sometimes half of his health evaporates when I shoot the generator, and then other times he takes like a tenth of his health, rarely he won’t even take any damage from this. The fight will start shortly after visiting Rhys's office on one of the top floors of the Atlas HQ skyscraper. Here are some tips for defeating Katagawa JR in Borderlands 3. Up to that point, you go through most of the game battling lackeys of the Calypso Twins: the super-powered primary antagonists. Katagawa Jr. will use clones to attack and confuse the player. Katagawa isn't going to let Atlas go without a fight and it turns out that he's got a great ball of his own. Critical hits or melee can stun him… When his shield is gone he will try to jump away to spawn more clones - do what you can to stun him even briefly if you want to wreck him with shields down. Katagawa Jr. is the boss to farm for this weapon. Sometimes that means keeping your distance; other times you have to crouch or jump. All I got were some guns saved by my Lost Loot Machine: a Borderlands 3 convenience that retrieves a limited number of items you miss during missions. They undercut the smoothness of trying to “turn my brain off,” and just let the looter shooter cycle take over. The second fiddle whips out warbling synthwave in a one-on-one showdown. I stayed that way for about three minutes before I finally figured there was no way to escape. I actually made the same topic a few days ago here: So after fighting him some more and finding a melee Amara build that basically one shots him, I am pretty sure this fight is bugged. The boss fight is a first-person bullet hell ballet, with Troy throwing balls of death in every direction. Borderlands 2 improved on that problem… a bit. “Swooping in!”, — Steven Strom (@stevenstrom) September 19, 2019. You fight Katagawa Ball during the Space-Laser Tag mission. I tend to farm katagawa jr due to being able to 1 shot him on mayhem 3 with Amara as soon as the fight starts. There was even a somewhat interesting twist afterward, that drew one of my favorite characters in the game toward center stage. I understand he likely has immense damage reduction during this part which is fine, but what I don’t understand is why sometimes that damage reduction factor just does whatever it wants in different instances of the fight. Katagawa Ball boss has three phases and defeating it is the only way to progress. That super stinks. I’ll be shooting him in the end both when he is near me and when he is on his perch, and the time it takes can range from one magazine from my Crossroad finishes him, to where I fill multiple Crossroad magazines into his skull only to find that his health bar doesn’t even move, and I have to wait for him to do his slam the generator move so I can shoot the generator to finish him. Another inconsistency I thought would be good to mention. This would imply that he is supposed to be able to teleport to most, if not any, of the generators in the arena. I was in my element! On Katagawa Jr. Fight is a pain, I'm level 21 and he's 24. But if he is only supposed to use those 3 generators I mentioned, why does he go the top right one almost all the time? I did all the side missions up to this point already though and want to get to his level to beat him. But the sad fact is that I won’t get to have this once-in-a-playthrough experience quite the same way ever again. When he his at a tiny bit of health, Katagawa will teleport to you, almost one shot you if he hits you with melee, teleport back to a spot on the map, repeat. Instead, Borderlands 3 glitches ruined the game’s best boss fight. Not one Borderlands 3 boss holds a candle thereafter. Katagawa’s Last Phase Yep. [BL3] So, I was playing my TVH playthrough on Amara and get to the Katagawa fight, then he does the whole "clone himself and jump onto the towers" thing, and one of them jumps onto the generators. I’m actually sorry Troy went out that way. I am fully aware of the Mayhem mods and do take them into account when I write this. Glad to see I’m not the only one, though I wish this post came up when I searched Katagawa Jr lmao. An obsessive writer broadcasting to you live from the middle of nowhere. Here you can see where is Katagawa Jr location in Borderlands 3 game. Also I have been farming him on Normal Mode Mayhem 3 with Zane using a radiation Loaded Dice Relic, and a radiation Crossroad smg. Rhys has been repelling Maliwan's attacks in taking over his company but now they've launched their final assault. This boss is located on Promethia near the Atlas HQ fast travel station. This portion of our Wiki Guide will detail some of our best tips, tricks, and strategies for defeating The Rampager during the chapter 10 mission, Beneath the I took advantage of it whenever Troy wound up a particularly big attack: like an overhead slam of elemental energy. These mini updates apply to the game directly — without the need to download them through the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or what-have-you. The numbers get bigger and it feels rewarding — at least enough to tide me over till the next Destiny 2 expansion. Katagawa Jr. Fight Incredibly Inconsistent. I think Borderlands 3’s boss fights have improved for sure, since BL2 at least, and Katagawa’s fight has a unique and cool concept, ninja guy jumping around, has clones, and the smoke grenade that screws with your vision if you’re in it, that’s pretty awesome. Sometimes nothing but that's RNG for ya. Also, he will teleport to the top right generator 80% of the time, and the other 20% of the time he either goes to the top left generator, or the generator right in the middle of the arena on the ground. Plus it took me awhile to kill him. (Maybe this was intentional by the devs since they are clones and they thought this would be appropriate since they aren’t the real boss.). I do not particularly like the Calyspo Twins. Also bit of a nitpick with this one but when I shoot the clones and look at their health bars, their shields go down but their health doesn’t, even though they still die. Something about hitting him with that initial Phaseslam causes him to lose all of his health once you break his shield, whether that Phaseslam does much damage or not. Taking out Atlas' defensive and turning one of Rhys most trusted allies and friends against him. Interesting about the phaseslam though. I can’t help but think it was inspired by Furi (one of my favorite games from 2016). It is very strange, although a highly effective farming method. In fact, I’d say the last act of Borderlands 3 comprises my favorite few hours of the campaign. As you meet with Rhys, a cutscene will begin and show Rhys’ ship getting destroyed by katagawa Jr. Take the Viper Drive from Rhys. This portion of our Wiki Guide will detail some of our best tips, tricks, and strategies for defeating Katagawa Ball during the chapter 8 mission, Space-Laser Another thing that’s weird is that if I kill all of the clones or 2 of the clones, Katagawa will instantly start the phase where he jumps around the map throwing the homing explosives at you, meaning when I find the real Katagawa in the clones phase, he will no longer be in that same spot and be somewhere else because of the abrupt transition between phases. For Borderlands 3 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can we all agree that Katagawa Ball is the most annoying boss fight?" Once you’ve got the requisite items, make your way to the boss area and start the fight. in Borderlands 3 is not good enough to dance around Troy’s bullets, leaving it up to me to top off my allied creature. Tou should try equipping a weapon that does high single target damage. Fighting & Killing Katagawa Jr Katagawa Jr will not fight you directly and will prefer to split up into fake copies of himself to attack you from multiple areas. I tried Katagawa Ball for a time but not having a vendor there made it a rough farm. So after farming Katagawa Jr about 40 times, (only to get 2 of the class mod I actually want, I legit got like 6 Techspert mods and only 2 Infiltrator mods which were what I want), I can’t help but feel his fight is either buggy or just weird. While I wasn’t able to access my character menu (and thus couldn’t fast travel to a safe spot), I could at least save and quit. Watch this step-by-step Playthrough: Hag of Fervor Boss Fight (Boss #23) - Solo, which may help and guide you through each and every level part of this game - Borderlands 3, Cheats, Cheat Codes and Guides for the PC Then he jumps onto the towers and unleashes his clones, and when I find the correct Katagawa and break his shield, it usually also takes all of his health down too and the fight is over. I mean that literally. Sure! Amara can insta-kill him. The boss fight is a first-person bullet hell ballet, with Troy throwing balls of death in every direction. Insert the Drive into the nearby console to … Anyway I've been going through the story missions on TVHM to unlock other bosses for farming. After managing to find the secret Atlas HQ and getting a Vault Key fragment from Rhys, there's a number of steps that you have to complete before you find Katagawa Jr. Bring Shock Weapons I hated listening to him gloat, both in the way the studio intended and just because it went on and on and on… The Calypso Twins I just hate. This fight is definitely bugged to a certain extent. As we mentioned above, the key to taking out Katagawa Jr … The general idea of the fight I feel is when Katagawa slams one of the generators and gets his shield back, you shoot the generator and he takes a decent chunk of health damage. But sometimes, he will teleport there and instantly spawn the clones, giving you little to no time to react, and I’ve seen him even do it in succession at least one additional time, so I miss not just one but possibly 2 opportunities to get his health low from the generator. Its inventory is something you need to grind to upgrade, however, so I only kept six. Most of them are bullet sponges with one or two environmental hazards to dodge. Borderlands 3 Katagawa Ball Boss Fight There are three layers to this fight: one of armor, and two of shields. That was the perfect time to heal my pet. Location. Tips and Tricks for Defeating Katagawa JR in Borderlands 3. That changes for the better about three quarters of the way through the game. Clone Phase: I must admit, now that I’ve reached the endgame of Borderlands 3, I am enjoying that part of the game. If it drains, you're already attacking the real one. In order to simply figure out which is the real one, take shots at each until you see his actual life bar on your HUD take damage and keep shooting or attacking at him if this happens. They taunt you (poorly) from off-screen for 90 percent of Borderlands 3 without actually doing much. Even so, the battle against Troy Calypso near the end of the game is the highlight of Borderlands 3. But when you farm him for arguably an unhealthy amount of time, you start to question why sometimes the fight takes 30 seconds, and sometimes it takes 5 minutes, when you do things mostly the same every instance of the fight. Then, when the plot remembers they need to feel like a threat, one teleports in to kill or maim a major character from the older games. If you’ve reached Mouthpiece, the first named boss in Borderlands 3, you’ve basically seen what the game has to offer on this front. But then I got to Katagawa Jr. And holy crap is he a pushover. Or just take it out all together if this is just a bug. Duel with the boss is preceded by a great battle against "regular" opponents and setting a large laser. The original Borderlands bosses were infamously easy to cheese, even once you got to the DLC.

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