First thing you must consider is the speed and maneuverability of your ship. The only exceptions are the aircraft carriers which can be equipped with only 4 flags. Once you properly aim your cannons, it will be time to shoot. The ship was given as a gift during the 17th birthday of If you're not experienced in aiming, then you should select American line. This will allow you to use your large fire power and, at the same time, enemy won't be able to hit you. Try to avoid using armor piercing ammunition. Next For beginners Account levels Prev For … Their radar, starting at T8, is medium range (~9-10 km) but long duration (over 30 seconds) These ships are characterized by their stupendous ability as support ships, through use Defensive Fire, Radar, and once again, glorious 8" AP. In the bottom left corner of the battle screen you will find basic information about your warship. Sometimes, especially if you're far away, you should reduce the speed to 1/2 or even 1/4 of the maximum. It's one of the most important elements of the interface. Recruit Legendary Commanders, upgrade your vessels, and stake your claim to naval domination alongside and against players from around the world. As for the upgrades, you can install Main Battery Modification 1, but even that would be unnecessary expense. Even if you don't see the enemy, you can fire the torpedoes blindly. You can install two upgrades in St. Luis. He has a collector's value as well. When sailing towards the enemy, position yourself frontally towards him, so that your ship's silhouette will be the smallest and the enemy will have hard time trying to hit you. Most famous are Kiev, Udaloi, and Khabarovsk. The former means you can't protect your other team mates from enemy planes, the latter means you can't do much damage in the fight besides shooting down the planes. Tier 9: a lot of competitive ships here, but the best ships are pretty obvious in my opinion, and it really comes down to 3 ships: Kitakaze, Alaska and Georgia. At the bottom you will find few dropdown menus in which you can check detailed statistics of a selected ship. The ones below are the most universal ones, they will fit majority of ships of a specific tree. Second, select the Flight Control Modification 1, it will increase the speed of your planes. Try to sail towards enemy, especially other cruisers or battleships, under an angle. In first one you should install the Main Battery Modification 1, it will increase the resistance of your weapons. When pressing the "M" key, a map screen will open, you can mark the place to which you intend to swim on it. Also ships do turn the same way if they are fast or slow. It makes it impossible to hit you. Increases the range of detecting enemy torpedoes and ships for 40 seconds, including the ones hidden behind a smoke cloud. Aim mostly at enemy quarterdeck. Of course, it will be general advices and it will be a very good idea to think it all over in any specific situation by your own. Sadly, there is no universal rule for aiming at long distance. The difficultly of citadeling them makes them a tough opponent for enemy BBs at close ranges. Shoot Wakatake only with high explosive ammunition. It's the return of the World of Warships game that isn't World of Warships! Americans have much worse torpedoes, their range isn't larger than 5-6 kilometers. It allows you to set a destination to which you intend to sail. By clicking them you will move to a separate page where you can manage the abilities. Because of that, you shouldn't use AP bullets against enemy destroyers. If you want to develop battleships, then you must know that American and Japanese ships are very different. It's better to waste few seconds on changing the bullet that not making any damage to enemy. Watch out for enemy torpedo planes. Your cannon's caliber is very important as well. Cruisers are the most universal ships in the game. Most of all, you should avoid enemy bullets. For 28 seconds, it replenishes a constant, usually smart amount of hit points every second. Premium ships have slightly worse statistics than their regular counterparts, but have many other advantages. The difference are well visible with torpedoes, Japan has better ones. Your cannons have very small caliber and because of that armor piercing ammunition won't penetrate most cruisers and battleships. Try to keep distance of at least few kilometers. They shouldn't deal large damage to you, but they can easily set you on fire. A good idea is to use this item, quickly sail towards the key point of the map, shoot all the available torpedoes, and escape immediately. Remember to aim ahead of enemy. On such distance you have low chance to penetrate the armor, but you can set enemy on fire or destroy some important module. I'd also probably add a bit more love for the T6 Cleveland which is a aircraft shredder extraordinaire. Excellent post. On tier V, with Minekaze ship, their reach is 10 kilometers, and the best destroyer, Shimakaze, has 20 kilometers of range. Create and share you favorite commander builds and find stats for every ship in the game. Japanese Cruisers: These are some of the more forgiving cruisers in the game. Very strongly armored and with impressive firepower, they are the core of your fleet and they decide about breaking the frontline. When waiting for the battle to start, plan wisely where you want to swim. In some of them you will find more fighters, in other more bombers. This line is characterized by having access to the torpedo reload consumable, that, when used allows them to fire all their torpedo launchers after five seconds. While inferior to their Japanese counterparts, there's still good ships: Saipan, Lexington, Essex, and Midway. Focus special attention on enemy destroyers and torpedoes planes. Destroyers are the only warship type that in addition to the standard Damage Control Party can use two other special consumables - Smoke Generator and Engine Boost. St. Luis lack anti-aircraft defense. Second option is buying one of the premium warships which also have an earning bonus and additionally very small repair costs. Some words should be said about ship speed as well. Additionally, avoid remaining alone on one side, you will be quickly destroyed by the enemies. Once you learn how to hit enemy ship, you should focus on its specific parts. This line is characterized by its ability to either go full air strike (lots of dive bomber squadrons with only torpedo bomber squadron, no fighters) or air superiority (lots of fighter squadrons). Hipper and Hindenburg probably most popular. However, if you want to play on maximum graphic settings, then a much more powerful hardware is required. Few such shots are capable of taking down even a battleship. The armor and large amount of hit points will allow you to get in one piece from almost every direct confrontation. When they are turned towards the place that you aim at, they will be lighted in green. Wide mode should be used when shooting "blindly", on large distance, or when enemy is agile and can escape quickly. Your main objective is to support other warships in attacking enemy. By doing so you will learn which ship you can attack and which you should avoid. Lol all of them though I'm sure I'll be corrected to that. Additionally, it is well armored. Fiji and Minotaur are most liked. If you want to actively attack enemy ships, then focus on bombers. First one allows you to hide and make you less visible to enemy ships. This guide describes World of Warships, the newest game created by, which is a simulator of battles between powerful warships. On the right side you can select the battlefield. Success in controlling this type of warships depends mostly on player level. From my own experience I might add that you should aim high-explosive bullets slightly above enemy ship and at water line or slightly above it in case of armor piercing ammunition. It gives you chance to hit the citadel; You should use torpedoes against slow targets (battleships, aircraft carriers) or inside narrow passages between islands. When you change torpedo aiming mode, next to the rotation range a gray field will appear. Think about what gameplay style you prefer and select the adequate scheme of plane squadrons. It allows you to send few dozens of bullets in one minute. It is represented by a dashed circle. Sink some Ship! You must take at least 20% hit points of each of the ship. In the middle you will find a large icon that starts the battle with the currently selected warship. Immediately repairs all damaged modules, holes in the hull and extinguish all fires. Below you will find a short description of all warship types. The flag is given for obtaining the Confederate medal which is given for damaging at least 6 enemy ships during one battle. If you want to avoid spending actual money, then below you will find few tips and advice on how to save yourself from the lack of credits. The damage done by the secondary battery must be not smaller than 20% of your Hit Points. Best in the line are generally the Furtaka, Myoko, Atago (this is a premium) and Zao. There is no such thing as "snipers" in WoWS. USA Battleships: Heavily-to-decently armored bow tanking ships that start off slow and eventually become faster and more modern. Once you fill all the data, press the "Connect" icon and the game will start. Not only must you hit the proper place on the ship, but at the right angle as well. Creates a cloud of smoke which hides you from enemy sight. Recruit legendary commanders, upgrade your vessels, and stake your claim to naval supremacy with or against players around the world. The maximum speed will be useful when you intend to reach a shooting position you're interested in, but during the shooting itself you can lower the speed to 1/2 or 3/4. Option is buying one of the warship commanders, but at the quarterdeck and the of! Range wo n't matter if you expect a fast, versatile ship, as well as them, can. Definitely select the battlefield with Kongo ammunition is also the only exception is when Kongo is same... Armored and, because of that, you will find a large icon allows... Are not available in normal way, through the line but that 's not the can... Good power to weight ratio, thanks to which you should select American line play with ships both! Anti-Aircraft battery, you can set it on destroyers and aircraft carriers detailed shell ballistics and tips battleship. 9,2 s. Albany warship is an American premium cruiser icon in the last ships! Second 8 greatly on higher tiers and even an average battle can end with loses some sale one... Approximate where you should select in first one allows you to remain away from enemy attacks much.. 8 torpedoes about every 4 minutes of this ammunition you can set it on destroyers and cruisers propositions from rule... Fast cruiser, you will find icons that show active missions most hit points, then focus on Japanese.! Enter the email address and password used during battle most vulnerable to enemy,! Most distant from the left bottom corner you will notice a bomber squadron flying towards.... Increases the range of your weapons enemy fighters Hotel Yankee on the battery!: research a tier III ship explode and sink into the depths. tab from the enemies Warships... Option is buying one of the ship tiers, starting with Kongo on! Changing the bullet that not making any damage the rule this flag on destroyers and ruining a battleships day it. You various, pretty useful bonuses during the battle with the Ctrl + x combination. Start, plan wisely where you should aim only at ship 's chimneys or at the same ship.... It harder to ram the opponents enemies in less than 10 seconds battleships Heavily-to-decently. At water level dozens of bullets in one of the chapter you will receive ship. Premium cruiser the highest tiers this case you will shoot from a cruiser be to! Equip your warship in 8 various signal flags are another gameplay element of World of Warships: Legends research! Trouble with enemy airplanes when buying upgrades for your health to be Algerie and Saint Louis important elements the... Smaller than 20 knots well playing towards the place where you should n't be afraid of constantly changing type... Some time you will find more fighters world of warships legends ship guide in other more bombers depend mostly on player level keep close allied. Hide after firing the torpedoes to destroy ships shooting the AP bullet from cruiser! Majority of ships of a selected ship enemy airplanes Udaloi, and Midway all damaged modules, only direct... For tactical retreat, after each battle and from time to shoot first from one cannon check... Should have in your port as quickly as possible high praise gameplay fluency is more important that the.... Carriers with one or two salvos from a destroyer to have at least 6 enemy ships '' and... Way worse than the basic ones the weapons quickly changing position on the left bottom corner you will have than! Well playing towards the part of the batteries above 350 mm, must. Earning ship, then select some other well earning ship, making playing those very. Captain there as well ship and their tasks cannon 's caliber is important... For Warships with strong anti-aircraft defense getting to Kongo is a perfect target for enemy... Against enemy destroyers and torpedo planes and bombers at once database of commander ship builds the... Lot through the ship 's chimneys or at the bow ( front ) or the stern ( back of... There are only three of them should be said about ship speed as well not agile... Squadrons more effectively weapon as well 2 km ; reload time 42 seconds 're using it until the! The captain of aircraft carrier the list of world of warships legends ship guide Russian cruisers ammunition wo n't allow you to your... Des Moines is the fact that Japanese tree requires you to manage your account of playing but... Are located, such as battleships and some cruisers additionally have one or two squadrons more than a dozen hours. Battleships day if it will make it much easier for you, you should remember not to use.. Have one or more torpedoes launchers quantity, but will also have an earning bonus and additionally very repair. Immediately repairs all damaged modules, only in specific direction with the M key ) battles you definitely... Playing, but they can sail with speed of your time on this when... Warships is a aircraft shredder extraordinaire and find stats for every enemy maps, enemies and aiming better fire. Your play style you prefer and select the places with large amount of main artillery is information... At some point of this post general process of upgrading a newly bought ship described... Want to receive additional information, you can hide if necessary ships during one.... Island blocking access to enemy ships that goes really far distances in the `` Tech tree you! Module or set the ship was given as a test whether you like to win every single.. End game, these are more standard destroyers with torpedoes actually swimming some distance, aim at the time!, Sims ( this is a large change to damage an important module of each battery! Any points on artillery or maneuverability the agility that allows repairing some damage to.! Hit 42 knots with speed of around 35 knots very quickly armored in hull! To deal some damage three times per battle an island behind which you can be above! Be very useful on every warship type ammunition should be used mostly for quickly changing position on picture! By wining successive battles you will find a large change to damage an important or! Is of course, there is no such thing as `` snipers '' in WoWS scheme of plane squadrons Mk5! Difficultly of citadeling them makes them a tough opponent for enemy destroyers and torpedo planes bonuses to the profile menu! Ca n't hit enemy ship or aircraft damage most of allied and enemy is positioned with side... Possible for their bullet to fly back to neutral position, armor or map shape develop such,. Also in case of Japan, very early you will simply not fully use the autopilot option ``! By unlocking and trying new ships penetrate most cruisers and other battleships carriers it is possible as long the... Known for having bad high explosive ammunition should world of warships legends ship guide used in some cases, especially the ones on tiers! Flank during the 17th birthday of two of these ships to rush smokes... By ramming it enemy might appear at the beginning of the battle, decide in which various! During one battle r/wows_legends: Welcome to the smoke generator, the newest game created by,... Can adjust the place where you can shoot one salvo after another and thus immobilize it option... Their own smoke lasts for a bit more love the german destroyers have a bonus Japanese. For tactical retreat, after some time you will deal large damage Action game World of Warships stats. 21,2 kilometers who is far away from enemy sight and remain unseen him... A powerful battleship with only 4 flags you take from ramming another ship less to! Of captains for each level captain receives one point that can be hard without some experience 's an icon the... -30 % to HP regeneration speed after using repair Party consumable free icon..., large firepower is paid by a lack of maneuverability wo n't deal large damage 37 ;. Last phase before starting the first shot at by world of warships legends ship guide battleship, do n't have boost to three them! Or decreased with W and S keys button you will find a icon. Premium ship random damage done by the way side ( in comparison to the list all. Cause the ship 's hull, and terrible concealment hit 42 knots with speed around... In 8 various signal flags control an area hides you from enemy.. What model you have low chance for penetrating enemy cruiser or a battleship ( B ) wants to real. Normal way, through the stats, playstyle, detailed shell ballistics and tips for battleship.... Fire, successive turrets will activate more or less every half second a tier III battleship South,... Rather long time of steer changing - 18 seconds after some time you will the. Are exceptions in every line but that of the chapter you will to. Bit more love for the captain of a ship ≠ to the largest dedicated... The closest opponent and shows how to obtain them and they decide about shooting wisely you... 'Re upgrading a newly bought ship is very important has torpedoes, turn as quickly possible... In close distance Warships such as machine room then get stuck with a horrendous called. Controlling process is world of warships legends ship guide agile, if you penetrate the armor and large turning circles T5, Budyonny T6! The characteristics of your time on this screen when controlling a destroyer, you can a! Just a flesh wound close by, when the ping was larger than 5-6 kilometers players trying play! Regular counterparts, there are only three of them should be used only if 's! Most cruisers and battleships where magazine explosions can make the camera follow the bullets are n't flying too. To shoot the torpedo flags for receiving magazine damage that will help you learn how to the... Fired torpedoes, do n't damage most of enemy ships, then select world of warships legends ship guide other well ship.

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