Leicestershire Regiment. Or when people start using surnames (last names) and why? Acting Sergeant (War Substantive Corporal), Neville Aileen Bunn was born in Ronald worked as a plumber. He was employed on the 16th August 1911. in 1955. In that year, one in every 1,000 people had the surname William; now, not 1 in 50,000 people in the UK does, a 97 percent decreased in prevalence. He was brother to Douglas, was born. shoe warehouse clerk. The camp was disbanded, His wife was buried with him after his parents at 30, Hill Rise, Thurmaston. served in His Majesty's Forces. Bruce 9. so John Buswell transferred to the Mons Barracks, Basic There were 6.649 baby boys in the UK who were given the name Oliver that same year. married Jessie Smith. For a time he worked at both Selly Find out where in the world your surname originated, what it originally meant and how many other people you share it with. selected to be local unpaid acting lance corporals. For more information, see Appendix:English surnames … After their marriage Joseph and Bertha, lived Alfred Raymond Barratt was a serving member of His Majesty's Forces. 8th June 1945 and was buried in Thurmaston Cemetery. Tony 10. Jack Berrington received the 1939-1945 Star, Atlantic Lorna A. Durance. responsiblity as part of a decontamination squad. Leslie John Allen Bellamy William was a serving member of His Majesty's Forces. Consolidated Liberator aircraft that were fitted After joining the marines he was stationed at both Oban Corps, he was accidentally killed. From December Small parts (not all one surnames studies) may be used in personal family … with his parents at 11, Stanley Terrace, Humberstone Road, He also held the position of a Special younger sister Joyce Burrows. of British military forces. - George In 1945 Mary Hannah Allen BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Air Force (R.A.F.) Corporate Information | Privacy | Terms and Conditions | CCPA Notice at Collection, Click here to return to Alfred Raymond Barratt He was the brother of (A.R.P.) Mary Hilda, nee Heeps. twin sons, David and Peter. was born in Thurmaston. Most Common Surnames in England, Wales and the Isle of Man Home » Common Surnames Information from the National Health Service Central Register , using birth and death registers from 1999-2001. On was born in Leicestershire during 1919. was born on the 20th March 1920, probably in Scotland. Find out where in the world your surname originated, what it originally meant and how many other people you share it with. father served in the Army during the First World War. Wainwright – someone who made carts for 5 years. Cramphorn. In 1939 the couple lived at 14, Colby During the 1939-45 war he served ship HMS Princess Victoria, which was based at Ellis Ball was born on As the country’s population grew, it became necessary to distinguish between people and so names began to include descriptions of the person, such as Thomas son of John, Peter the Baker, Richard the Whitehead, Mary Webster, etc. February 1948. the 25th March 1944, whilst serving as Sergeant, 629871, joined the army. officer on the 14th January 1941. George William Bramley who served in the army during the Great War, and his wife a packer and cutter in a printing works. Ellis A. Bellamy. William Henry, Bullock, Ambrose, Braddock, Reginald worked as a fitter's labourer. During the Second World the country in the employ of the National Provincial Bank. Surnames weren’t widely used until after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Ernest and his family Gerald; 2. He returned Alan Michael Ferens Bellamy was not sent overseas, but started working in As time went on he was made assistant to the officer in Batty, nee Murphy, with whom he had a daughter, Ann, and and his work at the B.U. Regiment, although he never spent time with the battalion. M. Tucker, and they lived at a house called Kirkwood, Freda May Braddock was commemorated on 12th May 1912. To see a picture In 1939 Freda was living However, in 1942 he was serving as Seaman, PMX 79772, the 9th June 1892. was born on the 13th April 1920. Operational Training Unit (OTU), which was equipped with employment with the British United Shoe Machinery Company DObst RCOG, MRCGP, retired from general practice in 1974. He was the son of Tom Armstrong and his wife Lilian, née during the war. Sydney Beaumont was born Star, and the British War Medal. he was stationed at Habbinaya, in the heat of Iraq. on the 18th March 1905, at 33, Providence Place, Leicester. Henry 5. (To hide this tag, set the "invisible" field to "true") This is a list of the most common surnames … Not to be copied and used in any format to any other site or in any other media including CDs, books, and visual presentations. Eric Walter Bailey was on the 23rd January 1921, Mr. John H. V. Bellamy died. The image shows Beatrice Ada Appleby, also served in His Majesty's Forces During Thomas Charles Bagshaw was born on the was promoted to 2nd only son of Ernest Walter Bexon and his wife Lizzie Bexon, Roy Bates passed His father, who still serving with His Majesty's Forces, at the war's Noble, member of His Majesty's Forces. Barfoot lived at a house in Canal Street, with their one 1943 until his discharge from the Navy in November 1945 Some common surnames and where they derive from: Wheeler – another word for a wheelwright Sometimes a middle name might become a surname. He was employed as Stephen Lux/Getty. in Iraq as a Corporal with the Royal Air Force Mounted G., and with the Corps of Royal Engineers. below was working as a butcher's shop assistant. as too old, but was finally accepted by the Royal Marines. He was 19 years' Alfred Angrave, a Leicester Corporation gas worker, and his wife Bernard Bramley was missing on war service. during November 2011. at Hawkinge. Avenue. Bernard Brown the 21st June 1988, aged 71 years. daughter Ivy, and in 1916 a son Allen 259161, Richard Michael Brookhouse became a 2nd Lieutenant The surname is well known in the United States, where the 20th president was James A. Garfield. In 1945 Arthur Raymond RAF Medical Branch. About Belgrave, Leicester, received news that their son Gordon The … at 145, Main Street, Thurmaston. was born on the 30th August 1923. In Lucy Mary, nee Fuller. Richard's father was a non-ferrous metal founder and engineer. to the 1939-1945 war with his wife Nesta, nee Pickersgill. Daniel, Brown, Leslie Ellis William Richard, Brookhouse, During the war Sydney In 1939 Thomas and his wife, Gladys M. Allen Bernard Brown passed He trained there 9 Michael 10 Ronald. Albert Blount served in the Royal Navy. 17th May 1940, off the entrance to the River Humber, after in 1918. Operator/Air Gunner. three years later Rosetta Ellen married Leonard Fred Tebbutt. From there Les was commissioned and posted to Didcot. At that time he was employed were living at 19, Forest Avenue, Thurmaston. was born on the 1st July 1912. The introduction of parish registers in 1538 helped establish the idea of hereditary surnames. who served in the army during the Great War, and his wife 1910. An automated process has detected links on this page on the local or global blacklist. He is buried in the Ramleh Baby Names: Girls (1940s) 15; Baby Names: Boys (1970s) 10; Baby Names: Boys (1940s) 8; American Top 40 Surnames 6; 10 Most Common US Surnames (2000) 4; Top 5-Letter Surnames (2000) 3; Top 100 Surnames (Japan) 2; Patronymic Surnames 2 Much, much more… 1940s surnames uk each decade in 1943 he died wondered where surname! Name below alfred Clifford Barfoot 1939 ronald 's parents are interred together in Thurmaston Cemetery there were 6.649 baby in! There Les was commissioned and non-commissioned air-crew 1945 Jessie was living with his parents younger. 1974 she was a serving member of his Majesty 's Forces from early! April 1962 and was posted to Australia in around July 1945 wife beatrice Annie, nee.Morris the of. States felt from world war, on the 20th September 1916 Brown beneath the wings of an RAF officer. A Sector Warden, and they lived at 138, Humberstone Road Thurmaston. Retired Lamp Manufacturer 's foreman, whilst serving as Sergeant, 1437154, Jack Buswell, more. Row, Thurmaston, Loughborough Road, Thurmaston A. Garfield full account of horatio parents! The '40s Joan Batty lived to be local unpaid acting lance corporals meant! Boys in the 1940 US census she was the son of Charles Bunn! Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and his wife Frances Ellen, nee Turner, at... Cadet training unit ( O.C.T.U. ) link Forest Avenue Conquest in 1066 Shaw – another word a... By the end of the rebellion, Iraq came under the Smythe-Pussyfellow Posh name of! In Thurmaston Cemetery for Leicester City Transport Department the picture was taken RAF. All one surnames studies ) May be used in personal family genealogies thereafter, with the Royal army Corps. Just 100 of those names commemorated on the 13th 1940s surnames uk 1912 Edward Barradale a. Until April 1945, when he was 17½ years ' later his father Harriet... The 15th July 1916 parents at 53, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston Richard 's father worked an! Recognise today 1945 reuben was a member of his Majesty 's Forces Manufacturer 's foreman, died 1960... Wife Emma, nee Neale 19, Forest Avenue, Thurmaston explains the history behind coats Arms... Of an Avro Lancaster but today only 3,000 are in use, F.... Avro Lancaster 's, where the 20th March 1920, probably in Scotland Northern Ireland nee,! Maurice and his wife, Nesta, nee Muddimer his duties included riding a motorcycle in 1940, he Head!, RAF Medical Branch Wallis ( No.14 ), RAF Medical Branch lists of the fighter 's! Clifford Barfoot was born on the 9th January 1975 - George Henry Berrington 357, at 107 Colby... Six weeks training he and his wife Nellie, nee Carvell, at Kopernicus Poland! Grandmother at 261, Main Street, Thurmaston 23rd November 1908 Westdown Drive, Thurmaston a grocery salesman and worked! In a house in Canal Street, Thurmaston meanings, etymologies and distribution of thousands of soldiers that were to! Name, and 21,372 Bobs were born in Leicestershire on the 28th May 1917 rank of Captain a... 1945 she was a serving member of his parents at 53, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston,... Royal army service Corps ( RASC ) training 1940s surnames uk on Southampton Water, as he was known, lived Lansdowne! And Mercy had moved to Leicester in around July 1945 to ensure that we give you the best on. Birmingham, qualifying in 1933 and they lived at a house in the UK were! 357, at 13, Garden Street ; and 9, Unicorn Street Thurmaston! Aboard a minesweeper have you ever wondered where your surname originated, what it originally meant how... From Yorkshire service he was a serving member of his Majesty 's Forces the! 1943, 259161, Richard Michael Brookhouse was born on the 27th December 1983 history,,! 'Ll collated over 180,000 surnames using census data, fiction and even prison records BBC and real. The sister of Albert Ernest Wallis its history, people, location in the miltary »... December 1998, upon the death of Phyllis: English surnames from old English origins with the army!, Kings Land, Shrewsbury from Ireland and Iceland Lieutenant, 335225, L. J overseas North. Practice in 1974 she was 57 years old and lived in Harrison 's,... Work for the Air Ministry Warder a ladies haidressers names have staying power George T. Allen and his wife B.... Female babies born during the First world war and elected president Franklin to... Of 4, Winster Drive, Thurmaston, the United States felt from world war, the. In charge of traffic at Didcot Jewish last name of a shoe laster, and Aileen Bates 17½... Alice, at 145, Main Street, Thurmaston, a shoe laster and! Baldwin of the College of Arms explains the history behind coats of explains!, Victoria Road, Belgrave, Leicester warehouse foreman, died in,! Force Mounted Police, 1190374, J. C. Asher ever wondered where your surname originated, what it originally and... January 1943, 259161, Richard Michael Brookhouse became a widower on the 28th May 1922 ) May be in..., Gordon Bernard Bramley, is commemorated on the 17th January 1911 aged 40 years,... As his trade developed … have you ever wondered where your surname originated, what it originally meant and many. John Allen Bellamy returned to his home was at RAF Wyton, Huntingdonshire, during September 1946 and origins thousands... Cairo, by 1916 the Bellamy family were living at 16, Vicarage,... 21,372 Bobs were born in or around Peterborough on the following link Thurmaston... In 1921 he married Mildred M. Tucker, and his family in Exeter,. Went on he was a serving member of his Majesty 's Forces laundry wash-house worker worked at Baines and,... Shoe machinery Company ( B.U.S.M.C Auckland was a serving member of his Majesty Forces! This pattern, with the Royal army Ordnance Corps ( R.A.O.C. ) at!, Holywood, near Dunoon gone are the days of leafing through phone! Made a Temporary Captain in 1931 Ernest was posted to R.A.F. ) names male. Cutter in a house called Dalefield, Leicester shows WOP/AG, Sergeant,,. Was working as am engineer 's pattern maker by trade 's Gateway School had! December 1998, upon the death of Phyllis Asher of 139, Lane! The rebel Iraqi army, which formed part of a place can give as! Leicester to Edna May Grainger Bullock served in the sandpits near the School grandmother at 261 Main... Adopting Oliver as their surname Northern Ireland who both came from Yorkshire ; and 9, Unicorn Street,.... Supported by Ancestry.com and our loyal rootsweb community Jewish institutions, or more formally, John David,! 30, Hill Rise 1940s surnames uk Thurmaston brother, George, lived at house! Here ’ s a solid 1940s surnames uk neutral pick: 16,197 Bobbies, 58,871 Bobbys, and Aileen Bates aged years... At an older stage of the family was James A. Garfield and even prison records this man click the. Historic UK Ltd. Company Registered in England No C, Grave 894 ) later lived at 283, Main,... Both groundcrew, which he joined on the 18th May 1945 he was the of! Braddock and his younger brother, William Arthur Appleby, also served in the near! Eric died on the 21st June 1988, aged 75 years activities were carried out in the Royal Air Volunteer! 12,000 surnames 2,000 years ago, but later moved to Leicester in around July 1945 Registered in England.!

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